Blue End

Blue End

Blue End

  The murderer Joseph Paul Jernigan was 39 years old when he was executed in the prison in Huntsville, Texas, with the lethal injection – particularly in Texas, really nothing. But Jernigan should be executed in the most famous of all time.

Jernigan led from the start of a life that was almost inevitably doomed to failure. As a child growing up in poverty, he was cleaning at night passers-by in Chicago, the shoes. After moving to the Texas province of his mother suffered a stroke, Jernigan and his five siblings were left practically to themselves. Slowly, the boy fell off the rails.

Decades later, Jernigan criminal career reached its peak during a burglary when he killed the 76-year-old pensioner Edward Hale. Jernigan was arrested and sentenced to death. 10 years later, Joseph Paul Jernigan was executed, and with his death, the story begins its digital resurrection.

For two years, the National Library of Medicine was searched under the leadership of Michael C. Ackerman for the “Visible Human Project” for a perfect body. In vain, because the corpses were not appropriate in all cases for the proposed project. With the body, Jernigan, who donated his human remains for scientific purposes, the scientists were now in possession of “perfect” body “.

Jernigan is still warm when he picked up the scientists in Texas and to Denver Colorado convict. It is measured with CT scanners, tiefgeforen to minus seventy degrees and poured into cobalt blue gelatin. It’s about the making of the first digital anatomy atlas. Millimeter by millimeter is planed in thin slices Jernigan and digitally photographed. What is left of him is nothing but blue dust.

The documentary Blue End is frightening – frightening is the inhumanity and the denial of any empathy for the condemned, both by the judiciary as well as science. The film presents fundamental questions about ethics and humanity. This director Kaspar Kasics comes without any comment from – his interviewees speak for themselves and the car radio announced this cynical “I’m proud to be American.”

Title: Blue End Country of production: Switzerland Year of production: 2001 Length: 86 (Min) of material: ( #) Distribution

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