Blind Side – The big opportunity

Blind Side - The big opportunity

Blind Side – The big opportunity

               Genre: drama, literature
               Adoption, the mother-son relationship, Football, homelessness, Oscar 2010

reviled by the giant football star

  Much has been speculated as the most likely ridiculed Hollywood actress would react if they would gain in the Oscar night the prize for best female lead actress. When it was ready in early March and it is Sandra Bullock asked the podium, held against all evil and less evil looks a tougher stance, ousted in her acceptance speech, the recent fiasco cunning that went along with the presentation of the Golden Raspberry and devoted instead to to show surprise, her first and long-awaited Oscar all the brave mothers of this world. That was nice. And also a proof that Bullock can not be browbeaten by the Hollywood maze.

All the more is the question now, given the Germany premiere of her new movie and now award-winning Blind Side – The big opportunity, how much Oscar suspicious in her acting appearance actually lies. Fail Whatever the criticisms of the public is: Bullock has opted for one of the friendliest and most positive roles in their entirely commercially dominated career. Insofar as the 36-year-old got her first Oscar, rightly, not so much acting for outstanding performance, but rather for their dogged screen presence in recent years, as compensation for the Übergangenwerden in dozens of awards, as a consolation prize for the always harsh on her immediate criticism and of course as an appreciation for a total worth seeing, dedicated film.

For Blind Side – The big opportunity is a touching story about a black boy who finds it difficult because of its social origins, a full-fledged member of a hierarchically closely structured education system to be in a society in which success or failure is with the budget of the parents. Sloterdijk, the welfare detractors would rejoice exultantly: Sandra Bullock will play a well-heeled women, the social and economic responsibilities, a Republican who gets the black boy from the street. For Michael Oher (from Quinton Aaron impressive) may only be played because of his broad stature and physique of an opulent, as a sort of hope for the football team, the Christian and elitist trimmed their two children attend school. But success can be delayed, the boy is mentally absent, may be focused either in physical education or biology during the hour, so his teachers announce it soon throw back from school and into the ghetto of Memphis. Attention only when a successful fashion designer Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock), on the Colossus and classmates of her two children will one night on a busy street, and then asks him if he’s eating a home, a place to sleep, a little too , and the introverted student as a tacit response shakes his head, turned the tide for the tortured existence.

The Tuohy family offers him only a place to sleep and then a home. She kindly accepted the boy as he is thoughtful and modest, takes him unconditionally and supported him in his hopes of playing in the company a recognized role. Where it appears that “Big Mike” actually is not devoid of talent; less to biology, but even more so for football, the national sport of the USA. His skills have to be simply supported and guided in the right direction. And it is this history that the book format has already reached Bestseller status, the incredible story of a donor committed and entrepreneurial hands of a grateful told Blind Side, that is the biography of a successful football player who got in real life, thanks to the affection of philanthropic opportunity to realize his dreams, silent and hidden talents.

The message is this: Where government action fails, the courageous individual needs of its social responsibilities. Here the director John Lee Hancock, who also wrote the screenplay takes, well into the trash box. Nonetheless, the gesture seems überpräsente gooders never out of place. One is simply talk and taken by a boy who succeeds in spite of adversity and, thanks to a sensitive woman with a sense of nuances, to be seen as something for which there is a simple expression in this country: as a man.
( #) (Tomasz Kurianowicz)

Title: Blind Side – The Big Chance Original Title: The Blind Side Country of production: USA Length: 128 (min) of material: Warner Bros.

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