Betty Blue – 37.2 degrees in the morning – TV-Tip of the Week

Betty Blue - 37.2 degrees in the morning - TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Drama
  A brilliant, ultimately tragic love story of eerily beautiful melancholy, the French director Jean-Jacques Beineix with Betty Blue – 37.2 degrees on the morning after the successful Roman 37.2 ° le matin by Philippe Djian from the staged in 1985. Meanwhile, the story of this young, equally beautiful and uncompromising woman who is explosive not only in erotic ways has achieved cult status. Colorful, expressive images, evocative music and an almost over him outgrow grandiose Béatrice Dalle as the main character here arises the delicate consideration of a unpleasing, woman warrior figure who is seeking an unspecified size, which probably does not exist.

At first glance, Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade appear), which tells the story from the off closely along the literary original, simple-hearted as a man with similar needs, as an opportunity to craft a settlement on the house French coast, its humble existence ekes. Also in the smoldering heat of summer, he appreciates a good chili dinner and a strong drink, and if it comes over him, he maintains his thoughts in extensive notes. By appearing youthful, provocative sexy Betty (Béatrice Dalle), a woman rushes into his life, with its uncontrolled character too quickly everywhere gave offense, where it senses the slightest resistance, which immediately draws the peaceful Zorg also affected. But the two soon developed an intense bond with a highly erotic attraction, and Zorg is always on hand to save what can be salvaged if Betty with her wild escapades once again kick over the traces.

Finally, the couple takes a small piano shop in the province, makes friends with the neighbors and it looks like this when they were coming here, finally to rest. When Betty discovers, however, Zorg literary intrigues, she is driven by the agonizing obsession to find a publisher for it, and every rejection she falls into an ill-tempered crisis, sometimes even falling victim to an ignorant reader. But then Betty is pregnant, and with the prospect of a child, she finally seems to have found their happiness …

with poignant melancholy to Betty Blue – 37.2 degrees in the mornings, the evocative atmosphere of the novel succeeds implement the harrowing tragedy of a great love cinematically beautiful. Best Foreign Language Film was Jean-Jacques Beineix’s third feature film by Diva (1981) and La lune dans le caniveau / The moon in the gutter (1983) for an Oscar and also considered for a Golden Globe, a BAFTA Award as well as nine César nomination, but ultimately, only that he won for the best film poster, but was awarded prizes at film festivals including Montreal and Seattle. The force of the existential-philosophical cryptic and yet so simply phenomenal Philippe Djian reflections on love, pain and passion culminate at this calmly into a coherent film with a touching elegiac visual qualities, which exudes both comfort and despair – a stimulating emotional blow with a finale the blues for a long time nachwirkt.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Betty Blue – 37.2 degrees in the morning – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: 37 ° 2 le matin Country of production: France (# ) Production year: 1986 Length: 116 (Min) of material: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment ISBN: 4030521293533

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