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Best Time

Prime time

  Marcus H. Rose Mueller is one of the protagonists of the so-called “Bavarian Nouvelle Vague”, which is a few years the German film scene on its head. Confident and connected home showcase filmmakers like Stefan Betz (border crossing), Hans Steinbichler (Hierankl;’s winter trip) and just Marcus H. Rose Mueller (who died earlier, longer dead, Stealing Harvard) Stories of the Bavarian province, which long ago in spite of the dialect also have a faithful core audience captured north of the white sausage equator. These succeed in the feat of creating leather pants off of any stereotypes, and without the usual slapstick folkloric an equally striking how often funny portrait of their young hero, who often face the question whether here in the country, still have a future or whether it would be better not to go. To that extent, each of these new “home movies includes” also always longing for the distance, strangers, not familiar.

In the Dachau Tandern country is a small place where not very much is going on. It will also Kati (Anna Maria Sturm) and her best friend Jo (Rosalie Thomass), both dreaming of the big wide world. “On wind and freedom. Longing and love. At Chenchik and a beer. And the full moon as a guide,” said the two girls stood before the scent of freedom and adventure. But there’s still the matter of the love of the Kati and Jo as vague and diffuse notions of how life beyond the village. There is, for example, Mike (Florian Brückner) who is now the federal government and hardly ever has time for her. But that is not the only one to have to think Kati: Always her thoughts wander back to Lugge (Stefan Murr) from. And finally there’s Rocky (Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow), with whom she and Jo have been used once vowed eternal fidelity. Then finally comes the long awaited letter fluttered into the house that Kati for one year should the U.S. for the pupil. But: Now that the great freedom is close enough to touch, they suddenly no longer feel comfortable in their skin …

A youth between village life and the yearnings for love and the great freedom, between childhood, adolescent insecurity and the wishes and hopes for the future – all that distinguishes Marcus H. Rose Mueller, in his new movie Best Time affectionate, tender and full of humor after. However, best of all time, serious and thoughtful in tone than, say, who died earlier is dead longer Otherwise Rosenmüller remains true to himself and his stories – of course the two main actresses beautiful Anna Maria Sturm and Rosalie Thomass talk like all the characters in the film broadest Bavarian, what murky for some viewers to understand a little expected. But the longer you Katie and Jo looks on, as they discover themselves and find the right path for themselves, the more one understands instinctively how they think, feel, act, and what they say. And that is the wonder of the filmmakers of “Bavarian Nouvelle Vague” May their stories be rooted in the province, what they say, are issues that move people everywhere – whether in-Tandern Hilgert, Frankfurt am Main, in Flensburg, or in Calcutta.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Prime time Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 95 (Min) of material: ( #) Constantin Film

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