Berlinale 2006 – The third day of the International Forum and the Panorama

Berlinale 2006 - The third day of the International Forum and the Panorama

Berlinale 2006 – The third day of the International Forum and the Panorama

  Devote Forum and Panorama, Alan Berliner’s insomnia, a comatose mother and sexual desire, a dreamy teenager.

Wide Awake (Forum): The sleepless nights of Alan Berliner
Warm milk, marijuana, acupuncture, Counting Sheep – what Alan Berliner has not tried everything to beat his a trick to falling asleep. The list would read easily be continued and long. No potions, no method, no trick against his Schlaflosstörungen can provide relief. As soon as he ausknipst the light, his bed is a battlefield. Then rush him wirrsten thoughts, songs, images through the head and rob him until the early morning hours of sleep. As much as he torments the sleepless night hours during the day suffers, so welcome to him the extra time to sleep when everyone else. That he was then the most productive, he proves with his new documentary Wide Awake, with whom he is a very personal insight into his seemingly incurable insomnia. Hundreds of film snippets of old black and white stripes, pictures of doctor visits for sleep specialists, private family discussions, visualizations of his dreams revealed a potpourri of his mania, which has long been an obsession. “If a frog is cooked slowly, he did not even notice that something is wrong with him,” is just one of many amusing metaphors that he uses in his lively documentary. Wide Awake with the sleepless New York filmmaker is represented for the third time in the Forum of the Berlinale.

The Peter Pan Formula / Peterpan-eui Gongsik () Forum: The Korean Never Land
To awake Alan Berliner is so very deep sleep is the mother of the young Hansoo in the Korean contribution The Peter Pan Formula / Peterpan-eui Gongsik. After a suicide attempt, she falls into a coma and her son is Hansoo fend for themselves. He also loses all interest in life, which was largely determined by his swimming talent. He devotes himself entirely to his mother, bathed and massaged them, talked to her, suggests his bed next to her bedside. But because the insurance provides no protection for suicide cases will Hansoo asked by the hospital to the checkout. Its plastic trophies to him, nobody wants to buy, the mother’s jewelry also brings a little something. As even the debt collectors are facing the door, sees Hansoo no other way out. Equipped with a baseball bat he attacked rampaged supermarkets until such time as he has the necessary money together. At the latest it is striking that deceives his innocent, youthful appearance on the inner, angry dragons away. He is innocent and carefree, with no sense of danger and suffering. But while other children eventually leave the air at imaginary and sometimes violent adventures, will Hansoo, remain in the Peter Pan Never Land and never really grow up. The Korean director has filmed his first feature, a haunting portrait of a teenager, because of its precise and restrained picture for a long time nachwirkt.

Camping Sauvage (Panorama): Rebellion by sexual awakening
The mature teenage existence makes the 17-year old Camille, in the French drama Camping Sauvage create. During the camping holiday with her parents, she meets a much older man and falls in love with him. The man, athletic toned, brittle and taciturn, wants to know about Camille’s youthful female charms at first. One quickly realizes that his life has been so far not entirely happy, and also the future bereithält rather ominous. Camille’s sexual desire is his undoing. The views and enthusiasms, which they can send him, he tried to dismiss persistent. The summer camp provides a different, however, and committed him guilty – in their eyes he has long been the outlaw, without Camille ever touched a single time. There is no mercy, no compassion, no generosity – like wild predators, they pounce on human prey. Denis Lavant is a terrific cast for the male protagonist. Its locked and restrained manner could be admired as beautiful in the Fremdenlegionärsfilm Beau Travail by Claire Denis. The directors Christophe Ali and Nicolas Bonhilauri have him placed in her second feature film precisely the role that he can best represent. Camping Sauvage is the story of a fatal Amour Fou, while the dark chasms in society are revealed.

(Katrin Knauth)

The films can still be seen in the following representations:

Wide Awake
Sun 12.02., 12:30 Clock, Arsenal 1
Sat 14.02., 15:30 Clock, CinemaxX 3

The Peter Pan Formula / Peterpan-eui Gongsik
Mon 13:02 ., 21:30 Clock, CineStar 8
Sat 14.02., 17:30 Clock, Arsenal 1
Sat 15.02., 16:30 Clock, CineStar 8
Sat 18.02., 21:30 Clock, Delphi Movie Palace

Camping Sauvage
Sun 12.02., 22:30 Clock, CinemaxX 7
Sat 13.02., 15:30 Clock, CineStar 3
Sat 14.02., 20:30 Clock, CineStar 3
Sun 19.02., 21:00 Clock, CinemaxX 7

Title: Berlinale 2006 – The third day in the International Forum and Panorama

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