Berlinale 2006 – The seventh day of competition: longing, Romanzo Criminale, and Candy

Berlinale 2006 - The seventh day of competition: longing, Romanzo Criminale, and Candy

Berlinale 2006 – The seventh day of competition: longing, Romanzo Criminale, and Candy

  Much to celebrate and to party should be avoided as much as possible at the Berlinale 2006. At least if one wants to watch the competition. Every little attack of fatigue is consistently punished, and the films do their part to ensure that snoring sometimes synchronously several spectators. Remarkably little tension and drama can be seen on the 56th Berlinale. Critics and viewers will be this year voyeuristic and observers of characters and their problems.

Longing, Valeska Grisebach
The seventh competition day started with Valeska Grisebach longing to the third German competition entry. A strong, but quiet film that is truly a challenge for tired spirits. The longing, the director tells the love story between Ella and Mark. Staged in documentary style, they moved the scene of action in a 200-head village in Brandenburg. The young couple, played by amateur actors, has been his childhood friend and inseparable. They both swear eternal love and the small provincial life seems perfect. When Mark visited with his colleagues in the volunteer fire station and a female friend who is in humid happy evening with a waitress in love, gets the world with all personal and social structures to falter. The most beautiful set of the film comes from a thick, pubescent teenager: “Fate is what you can not change.” Just packed the director of the film. It shows Mark and torn down, a man who always wanted to make everything right. The meticulous and loving look at the eastern German province of study results in a milieu that is worth visiting and entertaining. Unfortunately, some portentous scenes are simply too long. In these moments, the film loses itself in the images and their meanings. The word “long” is undoubtedly of the “boredom”, and this will continue to draw in this quiet and pleasant escape unspectacular film, unfortunately, hardly anyone.

Romanzo Criminale by Michele Placido
Lively, brisk and exciting it was to be followed by the Italian contribution Romanzo Criminale. The director Michele Placido is fighting in his home a celebrated TV star) for years (as Commissioner # alone against the Mafia . Now he has switched sides and behind the camera. Experience in the industry, you can not deny him the best of intentions. Although the mafia film based on a novel by the Italian judge Giancarlo De Cataldo, but the individual signature Placido can not be overlooked. Tells the rise and fall are a group of petty criminal who wants to get a brutal way the heroin trade in Rome under their control. Earned money to invest in the crooks of illegal transactions, police and political actions in order to keep pace with humor. The gangster drama covers a period of 25 years and shows all the negatives, which are representing the criminal organizations in the country: terrorism, kidnappings and corruption in the highest government levels still dark chapter in Italian history. Romanzo Criminale is telling gripping, fun, and comes up with his fast-paced style in competition.
Candy by Neil Armfield
The third contribution was oriented as opposed to Italian petty criminals on more popular movies for all age groups. The main roles of the drug drama Candy are with Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain) and Abbie Cornish (Somersault), two actors at work, making their job convincingly and with passion. So, what comes to the public. Neil Armfield tells the story of a young couple who wants to increase by heroin’s own life and the common relationship in terms of intensity and passion to the summit. Dan and Candy seems to be able to separate anything, they live in their own, cut off from another world. But the addiction and related problems, they always get a longer, until their total content of life only about money and drugs. The sworn and lived passion gives way to a nightmare of mental cruelty. The Australian Competition entry shows two people on the edge of the abyss.

Twice deeply touched and even entertained the rainy Competition comes to an end. Six more films to the jury’s decision to exchange slowly with no one wants.

(Gesine Grassel)

The films can still be seen in the following representations:

Thu, 16.02, 09:30, Urania
Thu, 16:02, 21:00 Clock, Urania
Sun, 19.02., 20:00 Clock, International

Romanzo Criminale
Thu, 16.02, 12.00 Clock, Urania
Thu , 16.02, 15:00 Clock, Urania
Sun, 19.02., 15:00 Clock, Urania

Thu, 16.02., 18:30 Clock, Urania
Thu, 16.02 ., 20:00 Clock, International
Thu, 16.02., 23:30 Clock, Urania (# So), 19.02, 22:30 Clock, Berlinale Palast


Berlinale 2006 – The seventh day of competition: longing, Romanzo Criminale, and Candy

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