Berlinale 2006 – The eighth day of competition: Isabella, L’ivresse Du Pouvoir

Berlinale 2006 - The eighth day of competition: Isabella, Livresse Du Pouvoir

Berlinale 2006 – The eighth day of competition: Isabella, L’ivresse Du Pouvoir

  Slowly they are tired or fatigued, the film critic. After eight days of the Berlinale, several movies, parties and receptions as snoring through entire movie sitting next to some lengths. Initially there were no grounds for today’s competition day fatigue.

Isabella by Pang Ho-cheung
What does one do anything for a Rolex. For without a true copy of this luxury watch you count nothing in Macau. At least not in Pang Ho Cheung’s Isabella competition entry. This is also known to the police officer Shing and because he would save his meager salary employees for far too long on the covetous status symbol, he prefers to take the quicker and more convenient way, and allied themselves with the local triads. Now shines though a gold Rolex on his wrist, his corrupt machinations, however, have come to light and from the service he was also suspended. Alcohol alone is no comfort to him to make enough, the more admirable, in his personal crisis on the very young, fluttery to Yan. A bit of distraction, a bit of fun that can not hurt him now. With one leg was half in bed, comes the moment of shock: Yan opened him to be his daughter. From this point one might expect a film that he is not. One need only recall the rather unsettling experience of Old Boy as it came out that it has driven his father with his own daughter. Pang Ho-cheung will save us just this unbearable suffering and presents a light, upbeat movie about two people who try to confront their fate as much as possible. That the film a second time takes an important turn, is indeed tempting to mention, but unfortunately, too many would anticipate. The events in Isabella played out in midsummer Macao in 1999, on the eve of the handover of the former Portuguese colony to the People’s Republic of China. This was the period in which, favored by the business with the gambling, extortion and corruption there in a circle of government officials, particularly police officers, gang, and was. But it was also the period in which the residents of Macau were between two different identities back and torn: the four hundred years now the Chinese and Portuguese culture prevailing in the future even more dominant influence. This conflict focuses Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung so unobtrusively, as he views the crucifix in the classroom by Yan and next, the burning of money used as an offering for the dead. Isabella, which are actually two wonderful films in one: an elegant ballad for the good old days, Macao, and a thrilling narrated film about the fate of two rebellious people.

L’ivresse du pouvoir / government affairs by Claude Chabrol
Then they, the screen goddess and grand dame of French cinema embodies: Isabelle Huppert in the gripping political thriller L’ivresse du pouvoir investigating judge Jeanne Charmant Killman. This determines in a highly controversial case. The president of a prestigious industrial companies are accused of embezzlement and excessive commission payments. Killman dives into a swamp of greed, corruption and secret cabals. Not only her own life is in danger. As in a rush, they begin to manipulate characters like puppets. Quickly they must ask the question how far it can withstand the power to abuse their position. Director Claude Chabrol and Isabelle Huppert are a good team, working together since 1977 and over again in successful projects. L’ivresse du pouvoir is an exciting and high-style thriller with a healthy dose of black humor. Maybe not bärenverdächtig, although deserved Isabelle Huppert in the role as a rebellious and with all the tricks judge a Silver Bear. Causing a scene was some film journalists after today’s press screening and the behavior, like famished animals trampled to prey on the road from the cinema to the press conference almost to death.

Find Me Guilty by Sidney Lumet
The longest Mafia process in the history of the U.S. justice system took almost two years and occurred in the 1980s. This brief information is to meet at this point to reflect the contents of Find Me Guilty. The now 81 years old director Sidney Lumet, one of the most serious and prolific film directors in America seems to have arrived back where he started from his first feature film. After he had some plays and realized more than 500 television productions, he excelled in 1957 with his screen debut Twelve Angry Men. Regarding the issue of justice, he moves with his new film on any unfamiliar terrain. Lumet, who has made himself an outsider (a Jew & linker) in the annals of American cinema history, has over the years repeatedly dealt with socially nonconformist heroes. He has to go through major conflicts in which they are ultimately not broken, but have grown. This happens to even Jack DiNorscio in Find Me Guilty, which is approved in the mafia process the right to waive counsel and defend himself. His kind, initially arrives still annoying and ridiculous in the courtroom, should it later be granted as one of the wisest moves. Find Me Guilty is a powerful, intelligent film – which was not expected from a director like Sidney Lumet Altstar another way, there are in the camera angles, as is always the best dialogues and listening to his great feeling for an actor he is once again under Evidence – until, unfortunately, and now comes the big sticking point, the decision to fill the role of Jack DiNorscio with action star Vin Diesel and Veteran to. The front and rear will not fit, you just can not get used to the fact that he is the absolute wrong choice as an otherwise perfect film. A Lovely though not overwhelming the competition.

The countdown begins. Three more films up to the Bear award.

(Gesine Grassel / Katrin Knauth)

The films are still shown in the following representations:

Sat 17.02., 09:30 Clock, Urania ( #) Sat 17.02., 18:30 Clock, Urania
Sat 17.02., 22:30 Clock, International
Sun 19.02., 18:30 Clock, Urania

L’ivresse du puvoir / Staatsaffären
Sat 17.02., 12:00 Clock, Urania
Sat 17.02., 20:00 Clock, International
Sat 17.02., 23:30 Clock, Urania

Find Me Guilty ( #) Sat 17.02., 15:00 Clock, Urania
Sat 17.02., 21:00 Clock, Urania
Sun 19.02., 22:30 Clock, International


Berlinale 2006 – The eighth day of competition: Isabella, L’ivresse Du Pouvoir Original Title: State of affairs and Find Me Guilty

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