Berlin Film Festival goes into the third round of contempt

Berlin Film Festival goes into the third round of contempt

Achtung berlin film festival goes into the third round

  Berlin – poor, but sexy. Think again. When turning and Films production for the German capital is more popular than ever. A representative selection of films from and about Berlin brings the third time the film festival achtung berlin – new berlin film award at the screen. Of 18 to 22 April 2007 im Kino Babylon Berlin there to see: lots of mid-substance Berlin film: feature films, documentaries, short films, children’s and youth films and a retrospective of films from the beginnings of the “Berlin School”, including early works by Valeska Grisebach, Thomas Arslan and Christian Petzold. The screening of the films is accompanied by film interviews with writers, directors, producers and Verleihern.Im berlin esteem is central to the competition “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg: In the race, seven feature films, eight documentaries and several shorts. Is

as the opening film in the category “feature film” The Last turn off the light! shown by Clemens Schoenborn, a film about Berlin construction workers who want to make a new beginning in Norway, where it is not made easily, leaving Berlin. In Prussian Gangster Irma-Kinga Stelmach and Bartosz Werner Buckow the Brandenburg becomes the scene of three young people in their daily struggle with violence, drugs, friends and enemies. Also, the protagonist in the drama Carla What counts at the end of Julia von Heinz, it has not been easy. When Carla is away from home gen Lyon, it is all stolen. But the encounter with a prostitute offers her a new world – if it had not become pregnant.

About the differences between two sisters is in a nurse’s heart, a film from a screenplay by Ed Duke of Heike Makatsch and FAS editor Johanna Adorjan. Allealle, a film by Pepe Planitzer tells the story of the disabled Hagen, who accidentally in search of his uncle, enters the apartment of the scaffolding and Dohmühl drinker whose life is strong and disarray. Night Shapes, Satanists and neurotic life, artists are the protagonists in black sheep of the Swiss director Oliver Rihs. A trashy, dark comedy in six episodes, which makes prior incestuous sex with the comatose Omo not stop. And finally, Karger, a socially critical film by Elke Hauck about an East German steel workers, and woman loses the job and must start all over again.

How important documentary now occupies not only shows the current cinema. In the competition by achtung berlin equal Eight such documentation, this is a film more than in the category “fiction”. Is not in the autobiographical documentary My death is your death by Lars Barthel is about a journey of a man in the past of his love. Highly recommended for the home movie Full Metal Village by the South Korean Sung-Hyung Cho, which sets forth in her debut film with the curious encounter between two cultures: Heavy-metal fans of the world’s biggest metal festival Wacken Open Air and the villagers of Wacken and while a loving portrait of Wacken and its inhabitants is characterized. About Berlin, their reflections and perceptions of six musicians from different continents to tell in Berlin Song by Uli M. Schiippel. The film follows them in the creation of their songs, the recordings in the studio and joint concerts. Also to music, but also about family is in a film by Igor Heitzmann, told in the history of music after moving closer to his father, the Austrian conductor Otmar Suitner, a former, longtime leader of the Berlin Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Reformers on the battlefield of Teresina Moscatiello portrait of four men to simulate the war as extras for the U.S. Army on German soil for the real thing. A fierce exchange of identities, sometimes they are Arab civilians, sometimes sheikhs or terrorists.

Fears about the future of young migrants in an urban ghetto classes, it comes in Osdorf by Maja. The director has gone for her film to the Hamburg Hochhaussielung Osdorfer Born to where the lives of young people between power and powerlessness, hope and doubt as to portray. Stone medicine, medieval rituals and Goa-parties are the landmarks of the 15-year-old Joan to find their own way of life. The director Marion Kainz had accompanied her there – is the study arose Johanna seeks happiness on between sensitivity and gently swaying subtly aggressive self-discovery trip of a teenager. In silence, silver is researching Florian Aigner, according to the circumstances under which has a German soldier in occupied Paris in secret to a child and then put up for adoption.

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