Berlin Calling

Berlin Calling
               Genre: Drama, Music Film
  The flight symbolism of the movie is ubiquitous: This starts with the main character Martin Karow, which is the stage name DJ Ickarus (Paul Kalkbrenner, who has been in real life as an internationally renowned techno DJ work) and ends at the small details such as the Lufthansa-sticker on Ickarus’ notebook. Moreover, the film moves constantly Ickarus and girlfriend Mathilde (Rita Lengyel) at airports in the picture, it shows while waiting for the next plane, while dozing in the waiting area and on the way from the last or next trip. Ickarus while trying to make his life more and more stressful trips bearable by a very different kind – the drugs have to take a more space. Without it, he barely manages to do justice to the pressures and expectations of the music industry. When the production of the new record is imminent, and the label boss Alice (Megan Gay) is not satisfied with Ickarus’ is output, does the DJ about his dealer pea (RP Kahl) of ecstasy pills that send him on a bad trip and a schizophrenic boost cause with him.

Prompt, he lands in a hospital and is undergoing therapy. But the DJ has problems with it, keep away from drugs and to submit to a set of regulations such as the psychiatrist Petra Pau (Corinna Harfouch) to. Again and again he rebelled against the therapy, celebrating orgies in the clinic and breaks out in order to serve again with fabric. With his escapades Ickarus jeopardized everything that gave his life so far unsettled security and stability – his relationship with Matilda, his record contract, his creativity …

When Hannes Stöhr (Berlin is in Germany, One Day in Europe) new film was shown recently on the Piazza Grande at the Locarno Film Festival, was the main actor in the movie Enchanted on the spot and the open-air cinema festival after the presentation end in a pulsating techno arena – the retired, however, are likely to Lago Maggiore have been less enthusiastic. Soundmäßig there are so near Berlin Calling fully reflecting the ears. Kalkbrenner track to be published in August as an album with the title Berlin Calling to burn themselves into the ear canals, and at least the techno fans can get in the audience at their expense. But even those who are not conversant with electronic music that gets a feel for the variety of techno and the creative process of composition, Capture and mixing process.

In addition to the overwhelming sound design is the great advantage of Stöhr’s film with its proximity to life safety and authenticity, which is likely to be caused on the cooperation of the Kalbrenner DJ Paul, who not only plays the lead role, but also the driving soundtrack the film worried. His credibility and his dedicated game between Friedrichshain-hipness and East, including a biography of pastor as a father making this film has an almost documentary-style portrait of a DJ life, and a very bitter end inventory of the music business with all its marketing Blowjob and send packaging for products that are actually put on a very simple common denominator. “Boobs, Techno & Trumpets” is Ickarus’ new record according to his will meant. But so much honesty in the traveling circus music does not good, so the album eventually replaced by the title that also carries the film – Berlin Calling .

The way it is, the music business: Flying high, sometimes even drug-induced, are here as on the agenda, such as crashes and crash landings. And what is hip today is out again in no time – loyalty looks here in vain. And that goes for everyone involved. As the hero of Stohr’s passionate but not very surprising and sometimes playful in the end something different to film by the legendary Icarus from Greek mythology, is the following: During the Roman hero fell out of heaven because he flew too close to the sun, that the wax melted his wings, is not the crash of his successor by higher powers, but initiated by the mere force of the drugs. Was it before the gods, who stopped the flights of people, it is now the man himself, with his desire to do it like God to cause his own crash. In this respect Berlin Calling all excesses, despite a deeply moral film.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Berlin Calling Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 109 (Min) of material: ( #) Movienet Film Distribution ISBN: 7640105237340

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