Before Sunrise – TV-Tip of the Week

Before Sunrise - TV-Tip of the Week

Before Sunrise – TV-Tip of the Week

  Actually, Before Sunrise, which presumably handlungsärmste film of all time: A man and a woman strolling through a European city, flirting with each other, talk about past and future, and now and then runs in the background by a car. Nothing more. A description of any friend of exciting Filmkost probably permanently destroy the appetite for this movie mag. But there is also another version, talking about this movie from the year 1995: Some people think that is it for one of the truest love movies, without false pathos and without undue exaggerations, but so simple and stretch as banal as the life and love itself

in a train going from Budapest to Paris to learn the Frenchwoman Celine (Julie Delpy) and American Jesse (Ethan Hawke know). The two twenty-somethings are to immediately likeable and so they decide to interrupt their journey home for a stopover in Vienna. On foot, they roam the city, talk to each other to tell their dreams, fantasies and wishes and are getting high under the influence of the magic of the moment, even if they know that they will have to separate again the next morning. A meeting paves the way to that is as elusive as fate, because it is in their talks at not much less than for its own identity and the life. And suddenly, the two fall in love.

Before Sunrise is a thoroughly courageous film that dares to deal (and wins), because he is concentrating on two main characters and their conversation leaves the bulk of the action. In this focus on conversations in the mixture of profound and banal, recalls Richard Linklater’s film on the works of Eric Rohmer, but Before Sunrise is more than just a love story, is damned in the much-talked. It also shows the emotional state of the so-called Generation X, which oscillates between rebellion and conformity, between despair and hope, a generation that breaks granted to foreign lands, and yet no more and no less than seeking home, love and security. Anyone who enters into this small and utterly unremarkable film is to find a damn good picture of our world.

In Before Sunset’s 2003 love story between Celine and Jesse found a way more worth seeing.

Title: Before Sunrise – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: USA, Austria Year of production: 1995 Length: 97 (min .)

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