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A world without discrimination

  Andrew Bujalski is one of the most promising independent filmmakers in the U.S. and has a penchant for Justice thriller. In his third feature film is even a judicial matter, but he is far from being a thriller. Instead, a pair of twins is the focus that has so his problems with women, jobs and business partners.

Jeannie (Tilly Hatcher) and Lauren (Maggie Hatcher) are twin sisters whose only outward difference is that Jeannie in a wheelchair Lauren sits and has a sportgestählten healthy body. By nature are the two very different, however, because Jeannie is in some respects a little grimly, and introverted, while Lauren is the emotional and the two of you also like to smoke a joint to relax. What both have their difficulties, however, have relationships with men that are either prematurely terminated or tepid brewed again, what is perhaps the fervent brotherly love. Even professionally, the two women at different points, because while Lauren is currently working as an assistant in a landscape gardening and playing with the idea contributes to emigrate to Africa as a teacher leads, Jeannie with her girlfriend Amanda (Anne Dodge) a secondhand shop. However, there are disagreements between the two regarding their business and Jeannie afraid that Amanda will sue. How fortunate that her ex-boyfriend (or at least once Acute friend?) Merrill (Alex Karpovsky) shortly before the law degree is helpful, and it hastens to the side. Now, all possibilities are played out, as Jeannie can fend off an application and save the store. Also, the girlfriend of her mother offers to help, but it wants to hear the willful Jeannie nothing. They would rather goes with Merrill and Lauren on car travel for miles to find another solution.

One of the most touching scenes of the film is probably the most carries in her sister Lauren Jeannie piggyback to a place they in her wheelchair could not reach. Circumvent the ease with which both Jeannie and their environment with their disability, is refreshing and encouraging. It shows the wheelchair on an equal footing with her sister, and even though it is an absolute Sportass with her friends and enjoys spending time on the football field. But this of course and peaceful atmosphere, despite the lawyer draws the dispute through the film is simultaneously also the disturbing moment in the film. All participants go unusually sympathetic, carefully and intelligently to each other. The lesbian mother is not a problem, racism existent Ableism unknown and love relationships are easily pur, which means that even the abandoned lover Lauren is not particularly distressed by the separation. Everything looks like the picture of a world as it could be, but it is not. Outbursts, discrimination or aggression as they bring real life with them, are completely hidden in beeswax, which are non-existent. The conflict between Jeannie and her business partner runs very distinguished, but why Amanda is now actually sued Jeannie, is not really worked out. The abrupt end also makes for confusion and it remains the question of what the director wants to say to the audience with this film really, except that he has managed to turn an ultra-low-budget film and working with amateur actors to. Man lives with everyday problems of people who start at any point and stop at any point, without that this builds a real dramatic tension. Here we will look at Jeannie, how to floss their desk leftover food from the mouth or wiping the snot from the nose, forfeit their employees in an inexplicable outburst of tears or Lauren is looking for her missing purse. Above all, one must have patience and follow the slow dialogues (which of course everyone can talk to anyone and the word is cut), which go only a little outside the box of the figures. Even if all these features of the independent flow “Mumblecore” are, yet would be less monotonous daily life of the characters and a greater elaboration of points of friction is desirable and entertaining!

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: Beeswax Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 100 (Min) of material: (# ) Friends of the German Cinematheque

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