Bee Movie – The Honigkomplott

Bee Movie - The Honigkomplott

Bee Movie – The Honigkomplott

  Jerry Seinfeld was once the most famous comedian of the United States, and his eponymous series has remained to this day the most successful sitcom of American television. Following the expiry of the New York series was born passionate Porsche collector, for its automotive treasures miss a private parking garage was built in the middle of New York, a quiet approach, and it was only now and then as a stand-up comedian — on an income of $ 100 million in 2006 alone through advertising revenue of the old Seinfeld -effects in the U.S. Cable TV has you now do not really any job. Seinfeld that his quiet life now calculated interrupted for a film, not hanging with the fact that he would have become boring. Rather did the idea for Bee Movie – The Honigkomplott / Bee Movie over dinner with Steven Spielberg. When asked whether he had an idea for a joint project on Seinfeld recalled a story about bees, which he had his son a few days earlier and kalauerte also read that he had to make you ever want a “Bee Movie” want – a idea was born.

Barry B. Benson has just graduated from the University of honey, and now the tough work calls in the hive when Honex ®, the leading honey producers. But the disciplined hard work in the hive, Barry’s is not functioning, the rhythmic thing, and soon it pushes him outside, into the big wide world of freedom. Swiftly he joins the squadron, and explores the Bee dangerous indeed, but tremendously exciting metropolis of New York City. There he is with the help of a large-scale florist Vanessa already generations-long honey-organized theft by humanity’s tricks, and decides to tackle it legally – after all we are in the U.S., the land of unlimited legal options …

Although the animations are much simpler than, say, come on Pixar Ratatouille, directed Bee Movie – The Honigkomplott / Bee Movie not only to the young audience, but even more so than other animated adventure and adults. Allusions to the modern working life, the efficient-madness of the modern economy, a biting satire on the excesses of the American judicial system and parodies of famous American people will pass the small audience, and this almost without a trace in one case or another overload. In this respect shall be liable to the film something of a compromise between the younger and older audience, does not always. Thanks to Seinfeld’s irony, and easily held the animations, which excel with their rich colors, Bee Movie – The Honigkomplott / Bee Movie an entertaining film for the whole family, will also enhance the sensitivity to deal with zealous honey collectors. The charm of Ratatouille, however, remains out of reach even for the busy bees.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Bee Movie – The Honigkomplott Original Title: Bee Movie Country of production: USA Year of production: 2007 Length: ( #) 91 (Min) of material: , Universal Pictures International

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