Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women

  Five actresses, as they could hardly be more different, wait in a dreary room at a casting appointment. Although the role is not for a movie, but for a TV movie, a kind of ‘serial-killer-erotic thriller “crap, like one of the actresses frankly confesses, but man / woman wants to live. The wait is slowly to torture, and the rivals to talk to each other. Job and private, dreams, hopes and frustrations, all that ever comes to temperament, more or less clearly upwards. Until they finally decide to leave the casting closed.

, But have somehow eaten the five a fool each other, and the day is already ruined anyway, so they decide to work together draufzumachen one, including chips, thousands of tilting and various alcoholic drinks. And after an odyssey to the sea, they end up in an almost deserted hotel on the sea, where two artists just drilled a new program. The slowly evolving into a veritable celebration of finally gets orgy covered in the course of the last masks and stored the last roles, only to be left bare or the people with all their worries and fears. One night, will – turn out later that – has changed five lives. There remains, however, a wonderful friendship among five women.

There is much that is unusual about beautiful women, and so takes the fact that all things, a man wrote the book on the “woman’s film” and also directed them almost irrelevant from, especially since the label only partially true. For example there are the five main actresses Floriane Daniel, Caroline Peters, Clelia Sarto, Ulrike C. Tscharre and Julia Hunter, which give the characters an incredible force and presence. No wonder, as the director and screenwriter Sathyan Ramesh – previously worked as a film critic for a long time – even before the film was friends with all five actresses and professes to have had this in mind when writing. You notice that the film also, however, because somehow one has the sense all the time, not watching actors playing actors, but much closer to being an authentic human being. And so Beautiful women because no woman’s film but a film about exactly those five women who are not prototypical for either their profession or for their gender.

The music that carries the film that does their part, and as in the case of the actresses has also managed here, with very simple means to create a very close and direct presence and to anchor the music firmly in the movie: For the group Queen Bee takes place just themselves, they are the two musicians who populate the empty hotel on the sea with life and filled with the sounds of their songs and shape. Even lyrically the songs of a successful commentary on the film, which not only accompanied but augmented and commented: “would have to be shown to be friends …” For me, one of the discoveries of the last Max Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken and definitely one of those films which should look at women in the circle of her best friends, with men also maintain the best possible way.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Beautiful Women Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2004 Length: 82 (Min) of material: ( #) Stardust

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