Basic Instinct: Risk Addiction News

Basic Instinct: Risk Addiction News

Basic Instinct: Risk Addiction News

  “Unless we have done everything possible and impossible in this project as we would be able to surpass all previous expectations with this film?” Sharon Stone smiles blissfully as she talks about Basic Instinct 2nd A film on which she is proud of all dimensions. It is her comeback, her step back into the shop and onto the canvas. She has grown older, has lost nothing of its appeal and so the continuation of the erotic thriller is an homage to Sharon Stone. As Catherine Tramell, the 48-year-old as last amended in 1992 excels in a role that manifests its image as a femme fatale and the age of the actress makes you forget.

As the original spins, the entire film around the crime novelist Catherine Tramell, an outrageously erotic nymphomaniac who their husbands to the police and ultimately the audience skillfully envelops and by the nose. The American way is to research trip to London and is also here that the art of seduction as a weapon. Sex, violence and murder are part of everyday life for them as well as games with fatal risk. To get rid of unwanted lover, you will use every means. Right at the beginning of the film, it controls along with its sports car enthusiasts in the passenger seat into the Thames. No chance. This is about control, if they are at 180 kilometers per hour with your hand to stimulate her lover, and has previously given this muscle inhibitor to reduce respiration. The detective Roy Washburn (wonderfully nasty: David Thewlis) is entrusted with the case and shall consult the acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Michael Glass (David Morrissey), designed to create a profile of the accident driver and alleged perpetrator. Glass is while he is working with the writer outwardly unfazed, but inwardly seething combat. ” Fascinated, he questioned Tramell literary crimes and motives that take place at an alarming regularity in the real world. Not only technically it is the scientist succumbed after several hours of therapy, because it crackles between the two enormous. It spins a web of lies and seduction, playing with the roles of doctor and patient, and glass can lose its sense of professionalism and objectivity. The two begin a deadly power struggle.

Even with a significantly lower presence of the ice ax Basic Instinct 2 is some spectators sleepless nights. Who does not shudder at the thought of himself or zukriegt the blonde goddess of an eye, at least, is angry about the film. The expectations of the thriller, which was 14 years in coming, and do without leading actor and director of the original must have been high. Since it is perhaps only a logical conclusion that more had to use other means. More personality cult around Stone, lower floor. More action, less Scharfzüngikeit. Thus Basic Instinct 2 is a fast-paced, but a pale copy of the first work.

No matter how trivial and unrealistic is the story: In the skin-tight dress and black high-heels, it is Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell, which provides the power and got drunk on this. In soft porn-style blend risky erotica, sex with multiple partners, and hinted SM scenes with the interplay between subject and object together in a well-made, but the content of inferior film. Completely incomprehensible in this context, the cast of Charlotte Rampling. The British actress and winner of countless film awards describes her film character Dr. Milena Gardosh as fascinating and the script as groundbreaking. Without denying her acting performance and enthusiasm for psychiatry to want, is not part of this presentation to the glory moment in her career.

For Sharon Stone, however, the film is like a reincarnation. Before the press conference in Berlin on the podium (incidentally, appears as the sole representative of the entire team and ensembles), erstmal plunges Bühnendeko from the wall. Also in the next 30 minutes it was tending downwards sooner. “They greet me with a talented, intelligent and, above all times beautiful woman.” Sharon Stone, 48, Hollywood star in the new edition. Just as Catherine Tramell, the US-polarized American who becomes a reputed propensity for life-size. Sharon Stone is myth and brand, said a woman who you know. Their legendary and never showed a high IQ, the iron self-discipline, which they themselves in their work and brings to the table, and a sharp humor – all of this is the woman who lays down at the press their feet on the table and the journalists asks for understanding for their Schuhtick: “Girls and their shoes!” already beginning to erode a myth to have exploded after the half-hour question and answer session, almost completely. What else have we learned yet? That does not protect money and beauty with age. After her 40.Geburtstag she felt like a leprosy patient. No services, no movies. Be offered in allusion to the question of what roles women over 40 in Hollywood yet, she says, “I will be proud of my age and with 48 to play and lead a good life.” The rigid rules of the dream factory, it has not only for the current movie, successfully resisted: “I can quite another installment of Basic Instinct imagine. And I do then with 75 Basic Intsinct 4: Hot Sex in the old people.” Well, Ms. Stone has an uninhibited relationship with her body and sexuality, but if the cool, shrewd and calculating manipulative Catherine Tramell in this age group may use the physical stimuli, is questionable. Erstmal must take care of Sharon Stone anyway to her two children, of whom she says at every opportunity. And of course, their enthusiasm in Germany to be. In the past as a child because they hated the Germans, but how it is with girls from small towns in Pennsylvania – they come for a film in Germany, consistent with an indescribable feeling of freedom from the remnants of the Berlin Wall and build their preconceptions against the country. It is that simple

“They enjoy it when you’re in control – just like me,” says Tramell to Dr. Glass. The same could also be about Sharon Stone say. The entire machinery of publicity about Basic Instinct 2 is tailored to her person, she basks in the flash and the enthusiasm of the audience. Perhaps this inflated bubble was too empty or the film is not exciting enough: The German premiere in Berlin’s Sony Center lost in any case only a few celebrities on the red carpet trusted. männermeuchelndes Sharon Stone as the Beast had made an impression. That hundreds of fans came to the roar of the soul from the neck and wait for hours in the cold. After a lot of B-and C – Actress Stone celebrities appeared with a wild updo and yellow-green lipstick. The premiere party retreated to the crew and invited guests in the Kit-Kat Club, a notorious nightclub, which is known for unusual sexual permissiveness. Sharon Stone, however, was the hysteria seems too big. After a short speech before the film screening and a dinner with their producer, she was driven to the hotel. On the evening making more is not known. Well, she is no longer the youngest …

(Gesine Grassel)

Title: Basic Instinct: Risk Addiction News Country of production: USA Year of production: 2006 of material: Constantin Film

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