Genre: Drama
               Village, theater, cinema, jealousy, William Shakespeare, Berlinale 2010, theater

Grotesk failed

  Nine young actor set off from Berlin to compete during a sample week in a provincial theater because of three awarded to roles in the piece Hamlet , which there is an open-air theater are listed. Locally she is expecting a quirky director aging veteran (Matthias Habich), who has worked for over forty years of his theatrical career hoffenswerterweise even more important in theaters. For here the day he must Dorfkino use as a stage for rehearsals. A boy from the village who works as a projectionist, is fascinated by the troops and their doings. It does not take long before he becomes the plaything of jealousy and power games, with which the troops, after the rehearsal of the day, totally uninhibited, active markets, the long evenings in the hotel while weitertreibt the competition for the roles by all means. It was long but do not know who ultimately is one of the winners or losers, but one thing has clearly: In the end it will pop here.

, But until it finally is, has the audience in Andreas Kleinert’s black Rotated-white film barrier a merciless tour de force to bear. Even the exposure sends the actors at the farewell in Berlin holterdipolter so hastily mounted parallel to the journey that they are perceived merely as horde, rather than as individuals. Later, the individual characters remain strangely pale and uneindrücklich, in spite of all the excessive typing. The dialogues of the young competitors at the hotel check-in and her demeanor in the breakfast room seem to want to signal loudly: Hi! This film is intended as a farce! Where “thought” is the key word, because despite trying pace and play of the coated film never comes in to this purpose. He slows down at himself, for with all the wild goings-on screen he is too hyper-intellectual.

On good thoughts and intentions really puts things in this movie: Andreas Kleinert, who in 2008 already have a similar Float Film has also located in a small town, has wanted to barrier appears to be too much at once: First Barrier an ensemble film, in which the director and screenwriter Kleinert (now a professor at the HFF Konrad Wolf, in which he studied even earlier), drama students will provide a stage. However, the few moments when the flashes can sit up by young talent in this film are noisy hohldrehenden counted on the fingers of one hand. The discomfort intensifies slightly when actors play a movie actor who have calculated Play Hamlet , where they are but even when they have to list themselves as theatrical, as if they were on a stage. ( #)
, but the script has created even more ideas: There will, inter alia, urban vs.. Provinzkaff, Libertine vs. Parochialism vs. calculus. Naivety and theater vs.. Cinema will be discussed. The latter being transformed into a beautiful little scene at the point when the theater company still wants to continue forward on the stage their samples, while even the cinema guests must push recklessly into the room and surrendered the theater people.

Is the other screenplay (with just over 40 pages, the rest has been developed through improvisation) at all intellectual overload so predictable knit that it is known as a spectator since early moment when the father of the village boys wegschließt his gun the first time that will eventually crack. Previously but have yet to sample the work completed, a number of monologues from
Hamlet be recited and acted out many desires and obsessions. Elim has yet to fall, and the cleansing rains of catharsis before finally ended the drama of the final shot. Where the greatest tragedy is that burned in this failed attempt at a grotesque, ultimately, an entire graduating class of young drama students will, during which a young person who has no previous acting experience is the secret bright spot, as his character some nice, quiet moments are grudged .
(Kirsten Kieninger)

Title: barrier Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 96 (Min)

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