Genre: Documentary
               Group, lawyer, court, plantation, Berlinale 2010, Nicaragua, bananas, pesticide, damages

The ugly side of our consumer society

  The images of BANANAS! * Reminiscent of Vietnam. Helicopters fly over vast areas and sprayed a noxious liquid: This is not to napalm, but the pesticide DBCP. On the numerous plantations of Nicaragua, the workers earn in the seventies, a ton of banana trees. They pull the fruit with bare hands, fastened only by a rope, the fields along. Breaking work, with fatal consequences: the poison plants, with the Dole fruit producer treats his fruit, causing infertility and cancer among the workers.

Nearly 30 years later, the victim so severely with the lawyer Juan Dominguez, a kind of male Erin Brockovich, a process to. The lawyer, a native Cuban, is committed to vigorously for 12 workers who malochten on the banana plantations of fruit company Dole. Dominguez is to be understood as a brother in the spirit of Latin American guerrilla fighter and one of the central characters in the film.

BANANAS! * From Swedish director Frederik Gertten is a traditional justice documentary that forgoes any gimmicks. He stands in the tradition of enlightened and socially critical documentaries like Les arrivants (2009) by Claudine Bories et Patrice Chagnard and A Blooming Business (2009) by Ton van Zantvoort that were awarded in 2009 the documentary film festival in Leipzig.

As an important part of the film court hearings and interviews with victims and attorneys to show you sometimes miss a bit of play action. Nevertheless, the film succeed in intense moments. The opening scene shows the touching funeral, Alberto Rosales, one of the workers involved, who died according to his family as a result of pesticide exposure. The camera zooms in the course of history very close to the careworn faces of Nicaraguans. The involuntary childlessness break the pride of Central American men.
Irony of history: Filmmaker Gertten was eventually even the accused. Dole went to court against the film to prevent the performance. But the group was defeated and withdrew its suit against the film.

BANANAS! * Running at the Berlinale in the section “Culinary Cinema”, which results in greatly astray. One thing you want after the film front most certainly not: eating a banana.

(Annette Walter)

Title: BANANAS !* Country of production: Sweden Year of production: 2009 Length: 87 (Min)

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