Bad Lieutenant: Cop without a conscience

Bad Lieutenant: Cop without a conscience
               Genre: Crime
  Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Cop without a conscience, so the director was not emphasize too tired, not a remake of Abel Ferrara’s classic from 1992. His film takes up only the basic idea, but it plays completely differently from. The fact that Duke’s projects was not only at Ferrara in disgust, but also ensured the election of Nicolas Cage as the protagonist in advance, for some outrage, Duke unaffected.

Situated in the ruins by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans crushed leaves Duke Cage as corrupt cops completely taper the abyss. After this warm-hearted in a rare moment of compassion, trying to save a prisoner from drowning, injured Terence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage) suffers from heavy on the back and then on chronic severe pain. The prescribed tablets to help only a little so he does everything to supply themselves daily with cocaine. In McDonagh’s going on unscrupulous. He blackmailed gentlemen, can pay off in drug arrests as a bribe, and uses the power of his police badge, even to the eyes of their friends a Drogensünderin charged with sexual favors “make” too. The only joy in his sad existence, slipping into the increasingly dangerous depths, is Frankie (Eva Mendes), a drug-addicted Edelprostituierte. When he gets assigned the first time a case to be boss determining where a large immigrant family is massacred by local drug lords, get him his lust for power and the constant drug completely to his head. McDonagh is beyond all legal and moral boundaries, and believes himself already as the ultimate rebirth of cool clothes at the police, threatening to fly as his crooked business.

Duke of Ferrara’s film is very different template. Nicolas Cage is not Harvey Keitel, it diminishes the rough guy. Yet he is a Kinski, whose charisma and madness Duke’s early films were triumphant. Cage is just Cage. Phlegmatic, always a little slow, and equipped with an actor’s facial expressions, the two facial expressions are not usually goes. One could argue that he is just so perfectly cast. Hardly anyone would be so likely to play a pumped full of cocaine, power-hungry asshole, which is thoroughly distasteful and ridiculous.

Both the history of film, as well as cages are a terrific representation of cruel charade. The crude plot oscillates constantly between coups and such an incredible impudence and unspeakably painful failures that one out in the cinema seat slides back and forth and really do not like to watch. Often we do not know whether to laugh or to indulge his first aversion. It can be argued quite rightly that Duke has created a very physically affects us cinematographic work. What to think when behind a cage door stands up and shaved his gun as a penis extension stowed in the front waistband. How can one not laugh when he delivers a parody of Humphrey Bogart smoking detective, he was co-stars as a group of amateur actors from Bottrop-Kirchhellen? Not be disgusted and horrified, as in cases where they then turn off the oxygen of an old granny to get to this information and obviously feels great satisfaction? Cage McDonagh is what remains when Bogart, John Wayne and Charles Bronson are mixed, then takes them all the integrity, principles and piety, and loose on the world.

Lieutanant Bad Cop without a conscience is one of those films that make the watching of a chore. Sitting quietly in a chair will be at Duke’s newest film in any way. The question remains whether this was or wanted this film is one of those movies that are so bad that they once again have something interesting.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: Lieutenant Bad Cop Double Indemnity Original Title: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 of material: Twentieth Century Fox

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