Genre: Drama
  What about those who are guilty, you must install the responsibility for the death of someone in their conscience as they live with this eternal oppression, how do they deal with the torn environment? One perspective on these issues as serious as uncomfortable dedicated Baching Kiefersauer of Matthias, who also wrote the screenplay and make his protagonists with the guilt of the unusual, direct and hard road of confrontation can be.

Baching In Bavaria, a fictional small town, there’s been three years, a terrible disaster, disaster: the case of an accident which has caused a drunken motorist who died a little girl. Now comes Benedict Kirchner (Thomas Unger), who has already served his sentence, from Berlin to his home village back – not an easy return, either for himself or for the residents, at least for the parents of the dead child and for Benedict’s family. His brother, Robert (Stefan Murr) is now romantically involved with Annette (Bernadette Heerwagen), which formerly was with Benedict together, and now has a child with her. The couple operates the Inn of the family barely legal, but Robert shrinks from asking his brother for assistance. The parents of the unfortunate girl who are now separated behave very differently compared to Benedict: While the mother Gabi (Marisa Burger), it simply avoids it appears the father of Bernard (Michael Fitz) quite remarkably intrusive. And occurred between Benedict, who lives with his faithful old friend Laura (Meike Droste), which was sitting in an accident, and his former girlfriend, Annette in a new rapprochement …

It is the motivation of the tragic hero, with their implications in essence forms the central aspect of the film. Others were in such a situation is probably more likely, somewhere far away from the place of the fatal incidents – perhaps after a confrontation with the parties – to seek a new life, this approach can work just as well decide this figure for their old. For a complex in which, as a desperate effort to such a thing as everyday wear in the encounters with the villagers, and, secondly, in the insistence on a proper place within this community that despite the seriousness of his preferred still appear as the habitat. Thus, the component is added to the home, which is also reflected in the ever-present question of whether a person who has caused such a calamity should actually return permanently to the troubled company. But Matthias Kiefersauer’s protagonist takes simply the right to confront this community with his fate, as quietly as stubborn as sensitive as ruthless.

Bavarian history as the director intended to be understood Baching, which is a modern variant of the native film and thus the fine comedy of this region in recent years even opposes a Bavarian drama. And a nice about this, because Matthias Kiefersauer deal with the extremely delicate and controversial issue very carefully and relies on delicate shades of emotion rather than lurid scenarios. Nevertheless, or else why Baching is ultimately an ambiguous film that although tremendous ambivalence coherent transport, but also tends to indecision sometimes hard to bear, though this is probably located in the nature of violent conflicts.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Baching Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 93 (Min) of material: (# ) Movienet Film Distribution

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