Genre: Drama, Thriller
               Revenge, Turkey, honor killings, Ophüs Max Price 2010

No Good Men

  Honor is a large but difficult word. For some Turkish women and girls, it can mean death. Especially if they grew up in Germany and live according to the local mores. Originally from Turkey, director Su Turhan has turned over it a love-thriller that plunges its protagonist in considerable complications.

Ayla (Pega Ferydoni from the TV series Turkish for Beginners (# is)) a confident young woman. Intrusive men holding them at bay with karate. Indeed Ayla knows no compromise when it comes to their freedom. As can the conservative father and sister in need of harmony on its head. True, it is difficult, however, would be as Ayla in Ayhan (Mehdi Moinzadeh) love with an equally beautiful and sensitive photographer, the trust can never be an honor killing. But that’s what. Ayhan is the eldest brother of Hatice. Hatice and has separated from her husband. That means, according to the understanding of the conservative family an intolerable disgrace to the clan. The lone Hatice need to hide then. They landed precisely at Ayla.
So run multiple elements together in Ayla, the movie: Good melodrama about the great love, the social study of devout Muslims, and the adventure in the fight against evil. Director Su Terhan sets in his first full-evening work, especially on the tension. So on the question of whether Hatice escapes with her young daughter and what role the love between Ayla and Ayhan while playing. It is entertaining made with functioning thriller elements and a allusive imagery. But suffers from the cat-and-mouse game that you enjoy the melodrama does not work. Because the screenplay admits his hero is no contradiction, and therefore no opportunities for development. Both protagonists are the good guys from the beginning, because little improvement is possible.

Stands Ayhan course of her under pressure with his family. Above all, his younger brother brings him repeatedly to the Pelle. Finally, the gun is already purchased. And while lying in wait for Ayhan’s sister to talk to her to be able to expect something quite different from the clan of him. Should he give in or resist the Now? This may be useful in the development of the arc voltage was a legitimate question. For the spectator it is not, this is the figure drawing clear. Thus, it can be easy to figure out whether the end the good or the bad guys win. After all: the social drama and the enlightened political message of the film because, of course, get a tailwind. And that is nothing wrong with such a serious issue certainly.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Ayla Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 85 (Min) of material: (# ) Zorro Film Distribution

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