August Rush

August Rush

August Rush

  The music is everywhere, “August Rush. They need to hear. The eleven year old hears much, did not hear anything else. This brings him into a magic touch with those who have sensitive ears like. That are well below August’s parents, whom he has never seen, makes the story a magical symphony of great emotions.

The overture suggests the topic of immediate, vigorous, energetic, like a large orchestra: A boy in the cornfield, the camera flies over, moves in circles, while weighing the ears. August Rush (Freddie Highmore) turns ecstatic, as in another world, away from the dreary life of an orphan home. The home child actually lives in his own cosmos. For it is endowed with an exceptional acoustic sense, a miracle boy, unconscious of itself. Although August (still) playing an instrument, it takes the nature of true musical. Over the sounds of his surroundings, he felt a vibration that connects him to his parents.

Flashback: Lyla and Louis, the parents, have a romantic night long loved. The very next morning they parted Lylas father. He saw the love affair and fathered a child while in a danger to the solo career of his daughter, a very talented cellist. After a serious accident, the pregnant woman, he says the daughter, the child was dead eleven years, the music ceased. Lyla (Keri Russell) and Louis (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) gave up their careers, arranged in more rough than in middle-class occupations. But then a tune comes on, which sets the conditions in frozen motion. August from the skin from the home and goes to New York. His parents are returning to the metropolis where everything started. There is proposing the son around with a music-loving but selfish surrogate father.

The sound of the heart and August Rush is not a realistic story, the laws of probability are suspended. The film tells how the modern fairy tale, with deposits, which enchants the world, will become the eyes and ears into a frenzy. Such as when Augustus out of the truck and jumps for the first time absorbing the sounds of the big city: abundantly, are hypersensitive to the pain threshold. Geräuschbrei and gradually transformed into a rhythm in a musical. Or if the parents indicate that there is not yet known, the night before the night of love to their concerts – they on the classic, he is on the rock stage – and the cutting performances blend into a single, as if he were suddenly to her cello and sing as if they would continue the rhythm of the band.

What it means when parents lose their children – with this theme, the Irish director Kirsten Sheridan engaged once before. This was the case in America, a film of her father Jim Sheridan (My Left Foot), for which she along with her sister Naomi wrote down on the script. Like where she was raised in their own strip of the great emotions.
The sound of the heart and August Rush is so touching, like the German title suggests. He doubled and tripled the motive of the mother and fatherless child and the parents whose children – died perceived or real -. And it is characterized by a similar optimism and vitality, as in America. Except that a source of this force moves into the foreground, which was then not an issue: the music. And so the story can be furious with their parallel montage also as a music film. This is true both in substance and in relation to the narrative rhythm. According to the motto of August Rush: Music is everywhere, you probably just have to hear.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: August Rush Original Title: August Rush Country of production: USA Year of production: 2007 Length: (# ) 100 (min) of material: Tobis Film Distribution

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