At the wrong time, wrong place

At the wrong time, wrong place

To the wrong place at the wrong time

  Potzlow in Brandenburg is a small town, just 450 inhabitants live here. The problems are typical of rural areas in East Germany, high unemployment, no prospects, who can that pulls away as fast and far. If a place like Potzlow once a focus of public interest, it means little because of positive news from wealthy investors, or the acclaimed work of openings, one can only dream about.

Once was the place then but present in all media than in July 2002 and tortured the 17-year-old Marinus of three teenagers brutally beaten to death and buried in a manure pit was.

Is now moving in tandem putative peace, life in Potzlow goes on as usual, the place in the Uckermark again falls victim to forgetting and repression. Behind are the people such as the 17-year-old Matthias. He was a friend and Marinus has dug his corpse. Since then, he is severely traumatized and suffers from severe depression. For months he hid in his room, dropped out of school but found no sympathy for his grief. Others prefer to exercise in forgetting and repression, like his father, who thinks the murder of his friend, his son serves only as an excuse to rest “on it.” Or, as the mayor, who says it’s been discussed already but enough about the fact that one must also time to stop. But Tamara Milosevic’s observations of everyday life in Potzlow speak another language, they talk about it, that are ubiquitous violence and the helplessness remains that at any time may be a disaster.

Told the director Tamara Milosevic of the terrible deed, like most Germans by the extraordinary media interest. But then again while many went over the agenda, they never dropped the incident. Above all, the defiance of the local people against the judges from the West was the one who incited their curiosity. The act is only an indication that “over there” something is not true that the East German society, or parts of it are in a serious imbalance that this country is far more than 15 years after the reunification of which, to form a real unity. As a sufferer of this development, which not only separates East and West, but goes across the society, people are just one example of Potzlow and Marinus is a victim. If you’ve seen to the wrong place at the wrong time, one is inclined to believe that he will not remain the only, if nothing happens soon. For the promised “flourishing landscapes” are some deserts flourish where only frustration, violence and emptiness. And in East and West.

Title: At the wrong time (in the wrong place #) Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 65 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Edition Salzgeber

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