Ashes of Time: Redux

Ashes of Time: Redux
               Genre: Drama, Action
  Ashes of Time – Ashes of Time: The title says it all. For fifteen years there were several versions of this early work of Wong Kar Wai’s in the archives and lending in circulation. Now Hong Kong cult director became a film archaeologists and made the technical advantage has since expanded opportunities to reveal his vision of that time in a final version of the film. Ashes of Time: Redux is – and this is the second surprise – a martial-arts films:

has failed since then Ovang Feng (Leslie Cheung) from his great love, he lives in the desert and taught to contract killings Swordsman. His wounded heart caused him to be ruthless and cynical, but his encounters with friends, clients and future enemies lead his solitude in mind.

The cinematic orchestration of the passion is Wong Kar Wai’s trademark, and even martial arts he knows how to serve this purpose: the usual qualification of the genre – the esthetics of struggle – Wong Kar Wai will be an end in itself, but additional design element to translate the loneliness and longing of the warrior in disturbing images of beauty.

In Ashes of Time: Redux is the scene of the desert to reflect the inner worlds of its occupant. The images are similar to the use of light and color filters, moving pictures and games are excerpts of a truth that is barely comprehensible to the simple picture surface, barely understandable. Preference setting is Wong Kar Wai, together figure constellations and adapt their actions to the rhythm of assembly, and music. To understand the essence of the film must be the stylized Close-ups as well as the dialogues and isolated fighting seen in its overall composition: the interplay of picture and sound evokes feelings that are not located in, but on the representations – the diegesis becomes wings placed.

Already in this early work succeeds in Wong Kar Wai – apart from some slow points – put his artistic talents through the magic and conjure up the feelings in an impressive aesthetic. He also uses the potential of film history of his work, just as he recognizes the incompleteness and roughness of the film an artistic value: “It is difficult to repeat a dream that is older than 15 years. New technology helps in many cases, but not always. I had to stop me from seeing the film through the filter of experience and changes that I made in the years since then. I wanted to implement only the film that he should be, and I accept his values, should he have any, as well as his mistakes. ” The result of this project is from 17 To see September in the German cinemas.

(André Uhl)

Title: Ashes of Time: Redux Country of production: Hong Kong Year of production: 2008 Length: 93 (Min) Rental: Twentieth Century Fox

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