As in Heaven

As in Heaven

As in Heaven

  Daréus Daniel (Michael Nyqvist) is an internationally recognized and successful conductor, who has reached the pinnacle of his career. But after he has celebrated the audience, he is lonely, exhausted and unhappy. As his mental state deteriorated further and he still suffers a nervous breakdown, Daniel returns to his life in the spotlight back on and returns to the place of his childhood. In northern Sweden, a small village in northern Sweden, he bought the old school and falls quickly because of his fame in the circle of the province. Envy and discontent are projected on the exotic who does not defend himself.

First, he reluctantly takes over the local choir, which rehearses each week in church. When he finds in this work, his passion and enthusiasm for the music, he goes on in working with people. Due to the openness of both sides to break out between the choir members, long repressed hostilities and Daniel is suddenly surrounded by enemies and envious people who regard him as an intruder.

In his work with the choir, he learned the fun-loving Lena (Frida Hallgren know), which failed from an old relationship never recovered. Together they overcome the fear of loneliness and human proximity. Although Daniel’s work with the choir is very successful, do not seem to him, the villagers accepted as a full member. When he tries to protect a woman from their violent husbands, he is the fears and enemies from his past in the flesh. It comes to disaster …

as in heaven is in his native Sweden, one of the most successful films of all time. Kay Pollak, who wrote both the screenplay and directed by, sees the choir as a metaphor for humanity. The members of a society considered as an intruder Daniel initially, but gradually begin to accept him. Role models who initially seem clearly blurred.

The human conflicts within the closed unit of the villagers are intense and captivating. Pollak needed 18 years to give this film its intensity and tension. This can be seen on the film. Every word, every image is true. By collaborating with composer Stefan Nilsson, the film is musically a masterpiece. The main actors, notably Michael Nyqvist as Daniel, give the characters of self-revelation of openness. Emotions do not seem artificial, primordial human and social conflicts are clear and present. Kay Pollak shows a village community, as they exist in their thousands. Nevertheless, the everyday problems, no appearance of banality. Behind every conflict is a great thing to basics.

Indicate not only the movie-goers Pollak law. As the sky turned as best foreign film nominated for an Oscar. Although he walked out empty in the race for the trophy, but this film will find its audience in Germany, even without awards.

(Gesine Grassel)

Title: As) in Heaven (# Original Title: Sa som i himmelen Country of production: Sweden Year of production: 2004 Length: ( #) 130 (min) of material: Prokino

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