As I witnessed the end of the world – TV-Tip of the Week

As I witnessed the end of the world - TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Drama
Friday 24 April 2009, 3sat, 22:25 Clock

As of 2007, the International Film Festival Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days went by Cristian Mungiu, won it the first Romanian feature film, although this coveted award. But before that was already another director of the young generation of film makers from Romania, which deals heavily with the complex to the repressive rule of Nicolae Ceausescu, very successful at Cannes: Catalin Mitulescu, given its contribution Traffic 2004, Palme d’Or for short films and his film How to the end of the world experienced in the category “Un Certain Regard” for Dorotheea Petre was awarded as Best Actress.

In 1989, when in the wake of major political upheavals in Europe, the Communist regime draws to a close, growing young Eva (Dorotheea Petre) with her family in a decaying neighborhood in Bucharest. To her brother, seven-Lalalilu (Timotei Duma), it has a very cordial relationship, while making their relationships with their parents in accordance with the rebellious age are increasingly distant. When Eve inadvertently shared with her boyfriend, Alexandru (Ionut Becheru) a sculptured head of head of state from his base falls, the little repentant perpetrator promptly kicked out of school, while Alexandru is protected by his politically powerful father (Grigore Gonta).

At the new school, Eva learns to watch Andrei (Cristian Vararu know) and appreciate that just as she herself so completely different ideas of the good life guaranteed as the Romanian reality, and it develops an intense friendship between the two free-thinkers who dream of a liberal existence in the West. Eva would have been willing to venture with Andrei to flight, were it not for the small Lalalilu she did not want to let them down. Soon, however, take their plans to run away to Italy, specifically to take shape, and it seems that Eva wants to risk this step and thus leaving her family actually. Yet the closer the irreversible stage of flight, the stronger Eva plagued by the thought of her brother, who will eventually turn out to be the most radical revolutionary family …

As I saw the end of the world’s great cinema with a very convincing ensemble from Romania, planted within the historical moment of political transition times, which were already so long yearned for by the people of the country. Catalin Mitulescu succeeds not just transporting them insistently very specific atmosphere, but he also proves his flair for the delicate and turbulent, often too ambivalent feelings and sensitivities of young minds, develop their identity in the shadow of a dictatorial government has – not without occasional pathos, but mainly with its own, offbeat humor. The director allows himself while one emotion, funded by the memory of one’s own experience of the decline of Nicolae Ceausescu, whom he had once at the age of seventeen, hailed as the end of the world, what the perspective of Eve, which dominates the film, a fresh authenticity awards. As I witnessed the end of the world is also an homage to represent the courage of the resistant and the quiet fortitude of the suffering people of Romania, whose strength and vitality under pressure from the dismal economic and political conditions were not completely buried.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: As I saw the end of the world – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Cum mi-am petrecut sfârşitul lumii Country of production: Romania (# ) Production year: 2006 Length: 90 (Min)

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