Apart Together

Apart Together

Apart Together

               Genre: Drama
               Love, Taiwan, return, China, Military, Berlinale 2010

Old love does not rust

  As in 1949, China and Taiwan as a result of the civil war broke apart, had the soldiers of the People’s Party Kuomintang fleeing the victorious communist troops to Taiwan. Through this event, families were torn apart, sometimes they could not see and relatives for decades. Until one day, the two governments time again approximated that at least visits to the old homeland were possible. The history of such a visit in his film tells Wang Quan’an Tuan Yuan (Apart Together). It is a reunion full of absurdity and a silent tragedy that is first announced by a letter. In him the old soldier Yansheng Liu (Ling Feng) announced that he will return to visit his old home in Shanghai, he had to leave many years ago to escape the communist troops.

, But it is less the sentimentality that drives him to China, but rather that it there many years ago, his young, pregnant wife, Qiao Yu’e (Lisa Lu had to leave behind) – the love of his life. And indeed, even with her feelings for the stranger, who suddenly confronts are not extinguished, much to the displeasure of their children. Surprisingly little contrast against the old love Yu’es new husband Shenmin Lu (Xu has Caiger), which reached even by the guest of new energy. He even agrees to a divorce, which is however not so easy, because the lack of separation necessary marriage certificate. And without that, it works in China, the red tape, no divorce papers. In the end, but everything is different, and the couple separated and reunited for a second time must be disentangled.

With much flair for slapstick and the absurdities of life has Wang Quan’an (Tuya’s Wedding) as an equally cheerful melancholic film shot, eaten where much is drunk and singing. However, it is quite fast in some places, feelings and expressions, as casually and places without first visible signs that includes, but sometimes suffers from the credibility of the construct. Beautiful, however, are the many small bays, which show how much China has changed in recent years, the importance of money and economic growth suddenly become. Perhaps this is precisely the point why we touched the story of two lovers in spite of some weaknesses in the end a bit: Because love, even the old, is a powerful antidote against the rapid change and Durchökonomisierung all areas of life, which apparently also clearly felt in China is.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Apart Together Original Title: Tuan Yuan Country of production: China Year of production: 2010 Length: 93 (min)

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