Anvil! The story of a friendship

Anvil! The story of a friendship

Anvil! The story of a friendship

               Genre: Documentary
               Recording studio, heavy metal, tour, record, Canada

The hope dies last – and if it takes 30 years

  A film that goes to the heart – at the premiere at the Sundance Festival in California are said to have wiped numerous spectators eyes. This seems at first difficult to understand, finally, it is the story of an unsuccessful Canadian metal band, which is told here. Thus, a fringe film, a film for metal fans? Absolutely not! Anvil! is a film about a deep friendship and about the adherence to hope against all odds. This also affects when one has nothing to music on their hats.

Steve “Lips” Kudlow, 51, works as a driver for a company that supplies the nursery with food. But actually he is a musician. Since 1973, the singer and guitarist plays with his best friend, Robb Reiner, a drummer in the metal band Anvil, which was allowed to live in the eighties a brief period of glory. With bands like Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and the Scorpions, they then went on to major festivals – and disappeared completely unnoticed by the wayside, while their colleagues were more successful.

Archival material shows the band on the Super Rock Festival 1984 in Japan before roaring fans, and in the next shot goes out of Lips in his native Toronto food. That brings back memories of another documentary: Even This Is Spinal Tap, the famous mockumentary about a fictional rock band told a similar story. The name of the director: Rob Reiner. If Anvil! So, another fake?

Far from it: only too well known personalities from the metal world speak adoring words into the camera, directed by Sacha Gervasi. No less an authority than Scott Ian of Anthrax, Kilmore Lemmy from Motörhead, Lars Ulrich of Metallica and Slash from Guns and Roses declare their admiration for Anvil, which they describe as a model. Why are so influential group was suddenly forgotten, can be explained by any of them. Poor management, lack of ego, expect them.

And indeed, particularly Lips appear as enthusiastic and tempered simpleton, too good for this world and every kind of career. That he has dropped out of school in order to become a rock star, of course, no one in his family. And yet they all hold him. Often tearfully tell his wife, his mother and sister of the difficulties that life brings with it. “Someone has even earn money and take care of the child,” says his wife. Nevertheless, they support him, even though it still hardly believe that his dream will ever be a reality.

Sacha Gervasi, a declared supporter and former roadie of Anvil has accompanied the band for years and even decades after filming her first European tour . The joy is great: finally want to start international career, the musicians will finally get the recognition they have long deserved. But in Europe, stands a disappointment after another. Tiziana Arrigoni is hopelessly overstretched as a manager, Anvil missed trains, does not take auditoriums, is tricked by bar owner. Find your gigs in tiny basements, either instead of or in the morning program of large festivals.

Soon after, it’s once again go out eating. But, and this is the fascination of the film, Lips and Robb do not give up. Eventually we will get there, of which they are firmly convinced. Their love for each other and with the music to which they believe they can always go for incredible 26 years. Tragically this insistence sometimes appear to be caught here, they keep our fingers crossed and sending prayers to heaven: to appear Please let the next concert more than 15 guests! Hilarious and deeply sad, thrilling and moving, absurd and deadly serious are the efforts of Lips and Robb. There is no other choice than to close the two musicians into the heart, even if you can abgewinnen their rather mediocre metal nothing.

And so Lips’ sister is no different than them money for it now being 13 . To borrow album. So that they engage the legendary British producer Chris Tsangarides, who has worked with bands like Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and New Model Army. And again, hope is springing up: Now it must be easy to work out.

The disputes between the two heads of the band in parts hard to bear. Until the blood is disputed – until one of the other offers a tear-choked voice an apology. “On whose shoulders should I weep because, if not in yours?” I love you, you’re my best friend. ” Tears do not flow too few – both on front of the screen.

For that alone, for this emotion, for their incredible stamina and the indestructible hope they radiate, they begrudge the band the world’s largest career since Metallica. And this applies even if you do not like their music – will convince even admit any Metalfan.

All the more beautiful that the film has already drawn its first successes for themselves. After he was overwhelmed at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 with great praise and numerous awards received (among other things, he was honored by the International Documentary Association as Best Documentary, 2009), the band is now touring in the U.S., Australia and Europe – in the opening act for AC / DC.

And the parallels with This Is Spinal Tap? Sacha Gervasi says: “My idea was to make strong the stereotype that is so reminiscent of the beginning of This Is Spinal Tap, and then bring the audience by surprise, and everything in a completely different level … The film would be one way or another with spinal Tap compare … So we decided to aggressively deal with it. ” A real band that has enough self-mockery to copy a fictitious – that has style!

Anvil! The story of a friendship is the discovery of the year, a great film about friendship and hope that never dies, a film that makes courage, never giving up.

(Claire Horst)

Title: Anvil! The story of a friendship Original Title: Anvil! The Story of Anvil Country of production: USA Year of production: 2008 Length: 90 (Min) of material: Rapid Eye Movies

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