Genre: Drama, Musical
               Girlfriend, pregnancy, Favela, dream, Brazil, girl band

underdogs on the road to the top

  It is a powerful image: four women, as a road coming up, so happy and confident, as if they owned the world. The four are on the way up, making her first appearance as “Antonia”. To call the hip-hop singers, when they stand together on stage. They know what they say in the film. It is largely their own story, at once authentic and exciting staged.

“Naturalistic”, the Brazilian director Tata Amaral their style. That means, in this case that they have an enriching play action with documentary elements. It is a thoroughly researched the life of young women in a slum of Sao Paulo. To break the vicious circle of poverty, drugs and violence, but also about the power here and lead a self-life. The stories of Preta, Barbarah, Mayah and Lena act of unreliable men, early pregnancies and pervasive violence. They are so authentic that they could also occur in a documentary when the former lives of the protagonists would have accompanied a couple of months.

But there are besides the daily also the story of Antonia, the hip-hop group. She is told spielfilmgerecht combines powerful stage shows with reflective scenes. The initial success of the talented singers are in fact not last. Too big is the external pressure and is too weak at the beginning of the counterbalance of female solidarity. So, the quartet only a trio, and then even a duo. And it is clear that the feuding friends to do exactly what they swear in their songs: give up the power, never.

Admit that in itself would be the story of the rise from the slums to the rap star only a fairy tale. That it credible in Antonia approaching, the film owes its unusual genesis. The final story and the dialogues were developed in an elaborate rehearsal process. Were given the lay actors who are all from the hip-hop scene, only certain life situations, no instructions. Thus the original script ideas received during rehearsals sometimes very different turns. From the director of headbirths characters were telling their own lives. What the director

was-much to the advantage of the film – but not disavowing the idea of the Hip-Hop miss with a positive message and the young Women do not give up their hatred for God and sing the world, but to live by the will and strength to his own life. That rubs off on the whole film, the social drama to be lined with an amazing zest for life. In Brazil, it was a sensation for the first time women of color from the favelas have been presented as positive heroines. To understand the like, one of this country, the country’s lack of knowledge. What the film does, however, for Europeans as interesting as South Americans, the autobiographical parallels to the figure of the single mother Preta, which accommodated the director in her film. Tata Amaral (born 1960) got her daughter with 18, had no money and no profession. But she managed all obstacles and to put into the film industry foot. And turned the age of 26 her first short films as director.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Antonia Original Title: Antonia – O Filme Country of production: Brazil Year of production: 2006 Length: 90 (Min) of material: W film

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