Anna Brüggemann – Biography and Filmography

Anna Brüggemann - Biography and Filmography

Anna Brüggemann – biography and filmography

  Anna Brüggemann on 1 Born March 1981 in Munich and grew up in Regensburg. She completed her education at the Bavarian Theater Academy and participated in musical and acting workshops.

1996 she was in the TV movie virus X for the first time on camera. Her first role in a movie she had in 1998 in Hans Chistian Schmid Thriller 23, in which she was seen at the site by August Diehl too. It was followed by other minor roles in films such as Stefan RuzowitzkysAnatomie before in 2000 in The pregnant girl on the side of Ken Duken first got a lead role.

Since then, Anna Brüggemann was in numerous films such as Oktoberfest (2005), Kleinruppin Forever (2004), passengers (2004) or 100 Pro (2001) to see.

Also from the television screen is no longer indispensable roles in TV movies such as Die Kinder der Flucht (2006), I thought (to Germany in the night … The Life of Heinrich Heine (2006), the murderer of my father 2005), Baal (2004), Stronger Than Death (2004), a village looking for his killer show (2002), or the secret of my mother (2002).

Nine scenes of her film, whose script she wrote with her brother Dietrich Brueggemann, who also directed, was honored at the Berlin Festival in respect of the section, “Towards Berlin” for best feature film. He also received the audience award at Filmkunstpreis Ludwigshafen and the Studio Hamburg Newcomer Award in the category of Best Screenplay.

Anna Brüggemann – filmography

Marie Little Marie (TV) (Director: Franziska Buch)
in mid late August (directed by Sebastian Schipper)
(# ) 2008
Bergfest (Director: Florian Eichinger)
Waiting for Angelina (Director: Hans-Christoph Blumenberg)
Lulu & Jimi (Director: Oskar Roehler)
and Rosa Taxi (TV) (director: Laura Popescu-Zeletin)
Herrengedeck (directed by Minu Shareghi)

Berlin am Meer (Director: Wolfgang Eissler)
The Death Strip (Director: Nicole Hausser)
scene – The End of Silence (directed by Buddy Giovinazzo)

The children of the Flight (TV) (Director: Hans-Christoph Blumenberg)
The woman from the fourth photo below right (direction: Andreas Pieper)
Wilsberg – Framed (TV) (director: Peter F. Bringmann)
Nine scenes (director: Dietrich Brüggemann)
I Think of Germany in the night … The life of Heinrich Heine-barred (TV) (directed by Gordian Maugg)

The elephant – never murder – The mystery of the ‘MS Katharina’ (TV) (directed by Lars Kraume)
The murderer of my father (TV) (Director: Urs Egger)
Oktoberfest (directed by John Brunner)
Polizeiruf 110 – Resturlaub (TV) (Directed by Hannu Salonen)
Katja kann fast alles (director: Dietrich Brueggemann)
Stages (TV) (director: Marek Beles)

Come on, we’re dreaming of! (Directed by Leo Hiemer)
Why Does Herr V. Amok? (Director: Dietrich Brüggemann)
Tatort – Suburban Ballad (TV) (director: Martin Enlen)
Tatort – Dangerous Silence (TV) (Director: Martin Eigler)
Shadow (Director: Markus Engel)
Baal (TV) (Director: Uwe Janson)
Kleinruppin forever (director: Carsten Fiebeler)
passengers (Director: Nicolai Albrecht)
stronger) than death (TV (Director: Nicholas Leytner)

Berlin – a city looking for the murderer (TV) (directed by Urs Egger)
A strong team – blood ties (TV) (directed by John Grieser)
Bella Block – Kurschatten (TV ) (Director: Thorsten Näter)

I have not wanted it – Anatomy of a murder case (TV) (director: Norbert Kiickelmann)
The bullheads (TV) (director: Walter Bannert) ( #) The investigator – Girls Murder (TV) (Director: Nils Willbrandt)
Just like that remain (Director: Sven Taddicken)
The old man – Not a day) to die (TV (Director: Hartmut Griesmayr)
A village searching for his murderer (TV) (Director: Markus Imboden)
The secret of my mother (TV) (director: Bettina Woernle)

Tatort – Bienzle and the scream of death (TV) (directed Hartmut Griesmayr)
I’ll fight as long as you live saving (TV) (directed by Donald Kramer)
Tomorrow we die Welt (Director: Nicole Volpert)
100 Pro (Director: Simon Verhoeven)

, the pregnant girl (TV) (director: Bettina Woernle)
Ice Planet (directed Winrich Kolbe)
as a skunk (directed by Vivian Naefe)
Anatomy (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)

virus X – Breath of Death (TV) (Director: Lutz Konermann)


Anna Brüggemann – biography and filmography

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