Anklaget – Indicted – Berlinale Competition 2005

Anklaget - Indicted - Berlinale Competition 2005

Anklaget – Indicted – Berlinale Competition 2005

  How does a person who is stigmatized over night and becomes a social misfit? To this question, the film revolves Anklaget (Indicted) by Danish director Jacob Thuesen.

To the outside swimming coach Henrik (Troels Lyby), the secretary Nina (Sofie Gråbøl) and daughter, Stine (Rosenkrands Kirstine Mikkelsen) are a happy nuclear family. If any problems occur, then these are usually caused by the adolescent Stine, who shuts himself increasingly confronted with her family. But one day stands, rather than the daughter, who is scheduled to return home from school, the police at the door. For Stine, who spoke with the school psychologist and she made a confession that the family is destroyed instantly. Stine says that her father had abused her several years ago. You will be immediately sent to a home without seeing her parents again. The authorities arrested the completely surprised Henrik and bring him into prison, where he was detained until his trial. The news of the alleged or actual abuse immediately makes friends in the neighborhood and in the round. More and more friends to distance themselves from the desperate Henrik, who always protested his innocence. Only his wife Nina still holds firmly to him.

As the trial of Henrik finally opened, he was acquitted. But the stigma is thus not disappeared from him. He is branded by his environment as a pedophile. At work he is being bullied and children, he must of course be no more swimming lessons. The neighbors cut him and smear his car. And even with his wife Nina-emerging nagging doubts. Is her husband really as innocent as he insists again and again and again? Henrik faces the absolute nothingness and complete social isolation, in which he threatens to break. A conversation between Stine and Henrik will finally bring the truth to light.

Anklaget is an important and yet painful work. The film is the depressing psychological profile of a man, the loneliness and the convictions are increasingly destroying its environment. Jacob Thuesen gives viewers an opportunity to review how he would behave in the same situation against the alleged child molester: give the rumors or the innocence of the father?

The dark, deeply intelligent and well-made film, it would have certainly deserves to find a German lender, who takes him to the movies. But the issue of incest – that is to be assumed – this is probably, unfortunately, prevent it.

Title: Anklaget – Indicted – Berlinale Competition 2005 Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2004 Length: 103 (min) ( #)

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