Angels with dirty wings

Angels with dirty wings

Angel with dirty wings

               Genre: Drama
               Motorcycle, Engel, vice, morality

A little bit of porn between Heaven and Hell

  It should go about sex in this erotic drama, but are hanging there at the beginning, only three women in their early to mid 30 in motorcycle clothes on their machines. This is Michaela, the tomboyish brunette (Mira Gittner), Gabriela, the blonde with braids (Marina Anna Eich) and the red savages called Lucy (Antje Nikola Mönning). They sit somewhere in the foothills under bright blue sky and says: “The main thing is what happens.” Something “. It also wants the spectator felt in the first 30 minutes and waits patiently, what it probably belongs at last to kinky sex scenes on them. The ladies are angels in exile paradise. Their names speak for themselves and in the films The Blue Angel has been suggested that Marlene Dietrich once Lascivious has embodied. Here is Lucy, alias Lucifer as a fallen angel schwanzsüchtiger sex and the heart, which first has to prove itself, to finally be included in the closed shop of the cool supposedly immoral and arrogant Sisters to Byker. The trick is to let themselves without restraint, and to drive with as many men as possible. And rumei no longer, as in old diaries, love Lucy.

And suddenly, the film begins to be fun. Lucy looks very good and sexy, go almost naked on their “buck” to a deserted gravel pit and there vernascht the first strange man follows the motto “I fuck, therefore I am” then she hires à la Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour in a Provinzpuff on. With all that she does, she is accompanied by Michaela and Gabriela observed at every step and. Who are satisfied with nothing, and Lucy to spur further transgressions. Lucy’s beautiful and innocent nudity is almost always intense. She’s dancing on the bar, making it with a big dildo itself and can be from any so unattractive man fingering and stare. Even beyond. Gang Bang is merely hinted at. Unfortunately, the guys are almost all extremely unattractive, which reduces the viewing experience significantly. Nevertheless convey the scenes in which Lucy gives herself entirely to her delight, above all thanks to Antje Nikola Möhring, more erotic than we are used elsewhere in the movies.

Lucy, who has for years lied to himself and all men by empty words used in bed, whre gaining vital knowledge about the nature of their sexuality. Towards the end they fuck with a crude Hell’s Angel and seems to occur without any ifs and buts. Lucy’s orgasms are written to her in the face and really do feel like their own. Also reminiscent of Belle de Jour by Luis Buñuel. Unfortunately, on another level.

Nevertheless, the film fascinating, especially since it creates the leading actress to be truly authentic. Antje Nikola Mönning that) in the ARD series For heaven’s sake (# played a nun, has indicated that even according to real orgasms on camera have had. A bit of porn between heaven and hell. The substance of the film is good and with more money, he could be safely staffed with male protagonists who have contributed to enhancing the beauty in the eyes of the observer. In any event the film is intended to challenge themselves and see what your desires are still in hiding. Lucy is obviously included in the club of the “angel with dirty wings”. Everything ends with Michaela’s words, “Out there wait many of us.” Interpreted is determined as much as “Fuck and have Fun, Ladies !”
(Regina Kohn)

Title: angels) with dirty wings Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 (# length 90 (Min) Distribution : wtp international

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