… And God Created Woman

... And God Created Woman

… And God Created Woman

  Just 18 years old is the orphan Juliette (Brigitte Bardot), who lives with her strict adoptive parents (Paul Faivre and Jane Marks) in St. Tropez, but the charmingly naive and innocent young woman is swarmed by men. As for example, is much older and very wealthy nightclub owner Eric Carradine (Curd Jürgens), who makes her yard. Juliette, however, feels more drawn to Antoine Tardieu (Christian Marquand), who sees it as merely a pleasant pastime. Michel Antoine’s younger brother (Jean-Louis Trintignant), however, entertains sincere feelings for Juliette, and return when the young woman because of their staggering impact on the world of men is to be sent to the orphanage, he marries her in order to avoid the worst – despite the warnings of his mother and the other inhabitants of the village.

Despite all his efforts Juliette Michel a good and faithful wife that she is a on an affair with Antoine, whom she still loves. As Michel gets wind of the affair, there is a confrontation between the two brothers …

Roger Vadim’s film … and God Created Woman / Et Dieu … créa la femme was prudish and restrictive in the fifties as veritable Scandal is one of many film and film critics as one of the forerunners of the “Nouvelle Vague”, which was renewed a few years later, the French cinema from the ground up. Above all, however … and always the woman / Et Dieu … créa la femme lures than the movie in history, the Brigitte Bardot-founded reputation as a sex symbol of French cinema. And also the hitherto rather sleepy coastal town of St. Tropez came to his legendary reputation as a magical attraction for the rich and famous. In both cases, the myth persists to this day – even if both BB visibly come, as well as St. Tropez in the years.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: … and always the woman Original Title: Et Dieu … créa lures la femme – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: France Year of production : 1956 Length: 88 (Min)

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