An Education

An Education

An Education

               Genre: Drama, Coming-of-age
               Suburb, London, Playboy, 1960

The Wandering Jew

  After the movie “An Education” must be a anyone who is sane, vigorous rubbing his eyes and immediately raise the question in the space (or in the cinema) to scream, if you have been dreaming, or actually seen what’s on the movie screen shimmered. Has Nick Horny, the writer of successful books such as “high fidelity” and “About a Boy” actually wrote the screenplay for a pseudo-moral and cliched film that comes along like a sumptuous lexicon absurd enmities? Or is there somewhere, the irony, the double bottom, left, perhaps even lost the tasteless, but certainly not bad-intentioned joke? No, no. An Education is what it is: a juggling with stereotypes disturbing film that draws in home-style design against a nasty, archetypal scapegoat to the field of Western history: the Jews, the bustling, ceaseless Jews.

But in order: What is wrong with that even when a film about music, love, a girl who meets the wrong guy, parents who exceed their draconian methods of education, the right measure, one’s own give offspring but only the best on the road want to elect a Jew as an anti-hero? A capitalist wheeler that tried to dissuade a morally untainted and virgin schoolgirl from the right path? Is not it hypocrisy if you immediately the anti-club swing, as if it would burst with joy inside, there! da! da! again one of these subconscious resonating ethnic stereotypes have tracked down? If one is even better than “politically correct” and cautious in dealing with stencils? Let’s hope so times.

For the charge of absurdity is present only if and when it becomes apparent that what comes along as a cliché – in this case, the decadence and lack of character of a Jewish man about town – not just random, but as a decidedly key is available to represent a villain in his immoral motives, the result of his character and socio-cultural structure is not different than the good, pure girl offering the poisoned apple. (Metaphorically speaking. In a very disturbing scene, David has drawn the time being sympathetic anti-hero and Jewish bon vivant, his 17-year-old, much younger lover Jenny on a banana – by saying he wanted to rob her of the fruit of virginity .)

Jenny (Carey Mulligan) is a short-tempered, intelligent girl who wants to liberate itself from London’s post-war puritanism of the 60s, fleeing from an arch-conservative family and a father, which prohibits everything that’s fun: French music, unconventional literature, this whole free-stuff. Instead, it is only a matter of sleepless nights: the university in Oxford, to which Jenny prepared so that it has better views than the hard-working father. But before the 17-year-old ever gets anywhere near a university entrance examination, she meets David (Peter Sarsgaard) to know a handsome man in his mid 30, offers her after a rehearsal on a cold rainy day in London for a ride in his luxury sports car. David has good manners, man of the world presents itself and has a talent for it, get people excited. As a narcotic spread his words out in the minds of his listeners. Even his father allowed him to what he usually allowed to spend any man: namely, time with his single, busy learning her daughter. This in turn starts the decadent life that makes her, David presented bluntly enjoy: She goes to horse races, a jaunt to Paris, listen to French music, jazz and participates in the social life of London. What most shocked classmates and teachers: Jenny starts to neglect the school. Rather, they hoped, and live together with David, as a housewife and mother, with music, parties, and a previously unknown license. Only in the course of the action, the audience begins to sense that something is wrong with this too-perfect-dressed gentleman of dubious dealings with blacks making (which is an honorable British businessman never mind) were granted, and even against criminal acts does not hesitate: About Then, when he and Jenny and his friends go to Oxford an old lady and steals a valuable card from her country house.

The structured like a Bildungsroman voltage curve has its peak here – the jovial facade of the cultural and spiritual man begins to crumble. Now, David’s words, something Pale, abominable and hypocritical to be liable, even if it is justified for his actions when he castigates the bourgeois complacency of the English upper class and zudichtet his life a profoundly rebellious stance. In life, as David’s exaggerated bankruptcy, it finally go about more than hard work and etiquette, since they are mostly about fun. That is the mantra of the Jewish-rebellious intellectuals. Evil is that the motives of evil and sought sneak into David’s Jewish biography and resort to explanations that match exactly with those who have been exploited in the last century by authors of different coleur for propaganda purposes: David heard Ravel (the anti-nationalists) and makes fun of Elgar (the composer state of the British Empire), he deals with culture, not to enjoy it, but (they consume, or as shown by the example of a painting auction: will be around them) to sell. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing integrable, the wandering Jew, no home, no character, not socially.

At the end of the film, go where the machinations of the hypocrite completely to the surface, one knows not even remember whether in Nick Hornby’s unusual hunt against decadence and Freedom unconscious mind is an attack on the Jewish symbol of the Capitalist wanted to hide, or whether he, as he gave the film that narrow-minded note, with which account impending ’68 Bewergung, not only in England by guardians of public morals as germ pilloried for the decay of bourgeois ideals are. One can only hope that no spectator takes the raised fingers here too seriously. Do not worry, jazz does not spoil the character, traveling does not harm a 17-year-olds, and ask: fun is nothing to be ashamed of. Not even when one is applying for a study at Oxford.

(Tomasz Kurianowicz)

Title: ) An Education Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2009 (# length 100 (Min) of material: ( #) Sony Pictures Releasing

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