Among Farmers

Among Farmers

In farmers – savior of the night

               Genre: Drama, literature
               Second World War, Holocaust, Bauer, Deportation

A life on the edge of the Deportation

  Marga Spiegel, nee Rothschild and aunt of the former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Paul Spiegel, has written down its dramatic story of survival in Westphalia, which has already been published in 1969 as a book. Now, Ludi Boeken this moving survival with Veronica Ferres filmed in the lead role, earning applause in Locarno already diverse.

1943, in the countryside near Münster. The Jewish horse trader Siegmund “Menne Spiegel (Armin Rohde), his wife, Marga (Veronica Ferres) and their daughter Karin (Louisa underground mix) must, otherwise they risk deportation to the East. What would it mean, is abundantly clear to them so that they escape one night and fog action the brown captors. Together, this is not, that would be too unsafe. While Karin Marga and quartered under a false name and new identity in a former war comrades Mennes, he can survive in almost total isolation from other farmers in the tool shed, the attic or in the bed of a terminally ill woman. However, not to have previously given Marga without the promise that he will always be near her. There are two tough years in which it has indeed Marga compared to Menne easier, but the fear of being discovered is felt in every second, the concern for the man barely endure, and the proximity to the German Nazis extremely stressful and dangerous. Despite these oppressive conditions to make friends with Anni Marga Aschoff (Lia Hoensbroech), the daughter of the house on, and even though Anni conviction carries the uniform of the Hitler Youth. As Marga recognized one day by the landlady of the place and thus her true identity is revealed, Annie must decide whether to extradite the heart closed friend or “high treason” committed, for hiding Jews from the Nazis punished by death. Ultimately decides Anni for the only true way to Marga. After two years and a fear-filled life on the brink of deportation, the Allies finally quit the Brown rule. The levels are among the few Jews who survived this nightmare – thanks to the Westphalian peasants.

Is among peasants no heroic portrait of good Germans who saved selfless Jewish life, but it shows them in their strife and uncertainty . Thus, here is gloss over any of history, but presented very real. Of course, the behavior of the Westphalian peasants was unusually bold, for they placed so that their own lives at risk, but none of them is portrayed as an idealized human friend per se. The striking of sets, where it is debated, but that the Jews had already done something, or Hitler would not order finally the deportations. The anger and despair of the farmer’s wife who has just lost her son in Russia at the front, and the question is, why a foreign Jew, and has not hidden her own son instead, shows the internal conflicts and the brown infiltration, in which people have found. If this had not been made visible in the film, then you would get an uncritical Hollywood movies on the screen. Thus, this fragility is precisely the great strength of the film. Even Veronica Ferres confident in the role of Marga Spiegel, it plays with understated subtlety, telling the audience’s emotions through facial expressions in particular, without big gestures, which are reinforced by many close-ups yet. In particular, impressed but Armin Rohde, the isolation of his hiding place in the wrong is almost, and this in such intense emotional outbursts is that one the cold shivers down your spine.

In farmers received from the film rating Wiesbaden the title “extremely valuable” on the ground: “The historical drama is particularly due to the proximity to the protagonists very moving and the fate shows captivating to the last detail. The authentic film, for a courage, humanity, friendship and the thin line between joy and sorrow. The brilliant cast and the excellent facilities make among farmers also worth seeing. A most gripping and moving film that presents a very personal and very interesting story. ” Which is really hardly anything to add.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: in farmers – savior of the night Country of production: , Germany, France Year of Production: 2009 Length: 97 (Min. ) Published at: 3L Film Distribution format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN 4049834002923 Extras: Trailer

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