Am I beautiful?

Am I beautiful?

Am I beautiful?

               Genre: Drama, Comedy, Film Episode
               Spain, Easter, Semana Santa, Wedding Dress

Episodic by Doris Dorrie

  This episodic film dance from the year 1998, the director and author Doris Dorrie’s own short stories staged and equipped with an illustrious, extensive Star Ensemble. Am I beautiful? appears as a kind of road movie with changing protagonists that are at Easter time in Germany and Spain on the road. The characters meet in various combinations, the threads finally come together in Seville at the ritual processions of the Semana Santa.

Rita (Iris Berben) is the wife of a pleasure-loving chef (Oliver Nägele) in the diet-Trip, Franziska (Anica Dobra) is a bride in waiting, with her wedding dress in the baggage car of the casual Elke (Maria Schrader rams), the vision in white immediately once tried on, Linda (Franka Potente mistaken) disingenuous by Spain, Klaus (Steffen Wink) tries Franziska to convince phone, not to marry and return to him, Bodo (Uwe Ochsenknecht), the Linda takes as a hitchhiker, do with his wife Lucy (Suzanne von Borsody) and spoiled young holiday in Spain, Juan (Dietmar Schönherr) haunts with the urn of his dead wife around, Vera (Heike Makatsch) takes leave of their holiday love, Charlotte (Nina Petri) and Robert (Joachim Krol argue) in a traffic jam, the suicidal Jessica (Elizabeth Romano smeared) the bed of her lover Herbert (God Fired John) with blood, his wife, Unna (Senta Berger) senses that her former lover David (Otto Sander), Linda meets Klaus, but not again Bodo, …

The opulence of characters is held by certain motives and encounters in motion, and as dramatically as sometimes banal, the events also exempt, but they are living dynamic of their entanglements with each other. Am I beautiful?, Which was awarded the German and Bavarian Film Award, travels through the joyous and tragic aspects of love and sex, grief and parting, preservation and loss, and in the confusion of comic dramaturgy components with deeply serious and casually tried vigorously mix. A curious construct, the only reason of his actors team appears very appropriate moments in the edition of the German film, which was collected by the film editors of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. While the comic dimensions of the film is quite entertaining exempt, the serious part, are too pathetic and sentimental and do not come often try desperately.

Am I beautiful? represents in many ways is a very personal film by director Doris Dorrie, whose husband, the cinematographer Helge Weindler, died during the project. Their stories remind us of a controlled flow of ideas and almost tagtraumartigen sequences that give the erratic moods of the drama its smooth animation, which is flanked by a charismatic religiosity. This is streaky, some aspects of German cinema representational fabric that makes the audience do not always easy in the turns of the complex action einzufinden, but waited nonetheless, with pleasant, contemplative and formally interesting aspects that visit next to the relevant known ensemble certainly are.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Am I beautiful? Country of production: , Germany Year of Production: 1998 Length: 111 (Min.) Published at: Al! ve format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN: 4260155290091 Extras: (# ) booklet with information and background stories Talk with Andrreas Kilb

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