Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

               Genre: literature, fantasy, adventure film
               Fairy tales, Young, Girl, Drama

liberation from social restraints

  Follow the white rabbit! This call could Neo in the sci-fi hit The Matrix not escape (1999). Already some 135 years earlier, the symbol-motif of the British author Lewis Carroll in the children’s books Alice in Wonderland and the continuation Alice Through the Looking Glass has been established. Here the heroine ended up in a dream world full of fantastic creatures and exciting adventures. The timeless power of Carroll’s story was continued in countless cultural references – from painting to pop music. Also in the movie cosmos Alice left behind more than just a perfume brand. From the legendary Disney animation to elaborate a TV-series: 24 times was Carroll’s epoch-making work for the film medium adapted. As clearly raises the question of whether it requires further interpretation. The answer is an unqualified yes, if one is letting itself in Tim Burton’s opulent modernization once.

In addition to many other variations Burton’s most serious change in the characterization of Alice herself was from the little girl a 19-year-old headstrong young woman. Alice is amazed at Burton no longer an observer but an active participant in the events.

After a brief prologue, is made according to her childhood and her deep respect his father, is the almost grown-up Alice (Mia Wasikowska) is already at the altar. That they meet their ridiculously Soon versnobbten-husband absolutely refuses plays no role. The rigid social conventions of the Victorian age demand it, that it is received Alice, who has still not get over the sudden death of her father as possible and an ethical lucrative marriage. But during the wedding ceremony, Alice discovers a strange rabbit with a watch. Curious, she follows the strange mythical creatures, until she breaks into a deep cave. There, Alice expects a bizarre fantasy world, the startling parallels to their childhood dreams. Soon she meets mysterious creatures, like the ever-vanishing Cheshire Cat, the chain-smoking caterpillar graduates, the slightly retarded twins Diedeldum and Diedeldei and of course the mad hatter (Johnny Depp). Although these creatures do not only want to believe that it is in women’s skeptical about the true Alice, prescribes the prophecy that they can defeat the mighty dragon is the only Jabberwocky to the magical world of the terrorist regime of the Red Queen (Helena Bonham to free Carter). Because we go to the talking animals will finally prevail again its peaceful sister, the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) about the Wonderland. To achieve this objective, it was Alice, there are still many adventures and think especially of the “reality” of the magic kingdom.

Tim Burton has long been considered ideal for a new adaptation of the Alice myth. He won the world but with works such as Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd recently with the reputation of a master of morbid, to be fantastic cinema. However, history exerted on the Gothic filmmaker long time no charm. Too young and had him stand the girl, too, it displeased him to stage a pure effects-point review. Therefore, Burton designed the Disney writer Linda Woolverton tribe (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast), the idea of developing on the basis of the journey of Alice is not only a sequel to Carroll’s vision of emancipation, but also a coherent story. Burton creates an Alice in Alice in Wonderland, the resolves itself from the shackles of time and the determination of their lives. His Alice is a modern woman, who can prescribe anything one wants to put their freedom and their dreams into reality indeed. To fill up self-confidence and assertiveness, she has to relive their ultimate dream trip.

Burton added one more exciting aspect (this world is never completely closed, he can sit on a parallel montage with the added serene groom): Alice reflects on itself, this young woman seems to know that they are all the characters already met once in their dreams has. She always has doubts about the veracity of the event and its protagonists. That also leads to the question of the hatter horrified, as if he would not even exist when Alice wakes up.

Visually Burton revels in gorgeous, incredibly detailed images, but seldom reach the darkness of his earlier works – except it applies to his favorite motif of the lonesome-leafless Caspar David Friedrich with a tree. Many critics here make the effect of producing Disney Group submits that nevertheless had to lift a 250 million U.S. dollars budget. However, Burton’s approach has not watered down, the slight sweetness and the taste for flashy colors easily fit Carroll’s presentation and Burton’s claim to reach a family audience. The bombastic, brilliantly orchestrated mix of mostly real actors, CGI-animated creatures and backgrounds to work alone 3D effects set up. As if one could, following the sensational success of Avatar is no longer refrain from fluttering insects in Burton now enchanted through the picture. These factors contribute selbstzweckhaften unlike avatar but nothing to act on. Is no coincidence that the 3D effect was not until the post-production (but also at the request of Burton added themselves) to be superfluous marketing frosting.

Alice in Wonderland would not work if in addition to all the formal perfection of the figures remained pale. And here Burton’s true mastery. The unspent Australian actress Mia Wasikowska satisfied with naturalness and charm, while Burton’s favorite muse Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter have a place to live out their bizarre penchant for spinning mills. To provide more space for the development of Depp’s schizophrenic and amiable nature, it has significantly expanded the role of the hatter. With a crazy costume, Scottish accents, ever-changing, digitally processed eyes, tons of makeup and an orange curls Depp may drift in the style of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the eccentricity of his character on the top. Bonham Carter delivers again with her giant head, a wonderfully idiosyncratic and highly amusing Antagonistin. Many of the prominent British co-stars hide behind the CGI animals. Therefore it is advisable to see the original Alice in Wonderland, where the language talent of Alan Rickman, Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry and Christopher Lee comes into full focus.

Tim Burton manages to Alice in Wonderland, an original, charming and completely independent revision of the substance. The world he is creating with the help of perfect tricks, fantastic costumes and a wonderfully playful score of houses and a modern court composer Danny Elfman in the statement and still hold an appeal for the wonderful children’s book by Lewis Carroll once again out of the closet.

(Florian Koch)

Title: Alice in Wonderland Original Title: Alice in Wonderland Country of production: USA Year of production: 2010 Length: (# ) 108 (min) of material: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany

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