Akadimia Platonos

Akadimia Platonos

Akadimia Platonos

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Kaufmann, brothers, xenophobia, Athens, Albanian (# Ausgerechnet) Albania

You know this country above all his television work, such as those for the

crime scene -series, of which he directed and in 5 episodes KDD , where he was Director for 4 episodes. Its very amusing final film, entitled “My Sweet Home (2001), which was shown at the Berlinale, is, however, is only a few film lovers known. And so was the news that had been Akadimia Platonos, the new film by Filipos Tsitos awarded in Locarno with the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, made more casually noted. This film certainly enough profile and especially charm to not only perceived by experts and are eager to Festivalgängern.
If these three had trailers are representative in any way for the Greek economy, which may then have a miserable situation no wonder the country is currently before the entire EU trembles: Stavros (Antonis Kafetzopoulos) and his three friends are all run small shops in a slum district of Athens. Where their activities are essentially consisting, in the morning a garden table and four chairs in front of Stavros build business to sit there and watch the passing of the day. They would argue that this extremely intelligent about life, you can not exactly say. And so opens up the title of the film because of the lethargic protagonists, but rather the fact that Stavros’ shop is located in the Athens district of Akadimia Platonos. From the influence of the school of philosophy is but little trace. Instead, they indulge in memories of bygone rock concerts and make fun of the Chinese, who converted in their neighborhood at lightning speed and with great dedication and open a shop. Is at all them all the strangers scary. Thus, there is little wonder that one of the four his dog named “Patriot has taught” bark at all Albanians.

, But precisely to the sticking point: One day, is such a name appears Marengelen (the name is composed of “Marx, Engels and Lenin, is played by the likeable man Kozdine Anastasis) in and boldly asserted, Stavros’ brother to be. To make matters worse, the elderly and demented mother begins (ravishingly: (Titika Saringouli) of the Annex so defendants out of the blue, speak Albanian and treat the stranger as her own son. And suddenly, the dog realizes he still there in reality Stavros has and barks, which all can not believe it, what it falls on him. If such really be something to the bold assertion? he actually originates from the land of robbers, and how his friends react to each of Albanians a notorious villains hold to the revelation? “The small world of frozen Akadimia Platonos certainly gets pretty shaken.

” Albanians, Albanians, you will never be Greek! “, listen to the cronies in a scene of this film , sing than to meet the two neighboring countries at a soccer game together. Stavros bawls with gay and has no idea how fast he can suddenly find itself on the other hand, in the role of discriminated and outcast. If it was troublesome to conceal from him so far, that his life with the demented mother and ex-wife he still loves, is already plenty of desolate, so now comes under the influence of events all falter. is so gratifying is that even the dull and firmly cemented worldviews of his friends soon have been significant cracks. Torn between not very deep friendship and the dull prejudices they already know soon no longer how to behave.

is significant and refreshing primarily to self-awareness and the reality is far auseinandergedriftet significantly. The foreigners who are we seeing here does not work shy scum how racists like to speculate, but such a diligent and businesslike, that the Greeks only the rich and smug look remains. Especially as Stavros and his Friends seek in any way is to make something of their lives. A Chinese businessman who wants to Stavros’ Buy store, puts it thus in a nutshell: Since the Greeks anyway just sit around all day outside his shop and earn no money Stavros could indeed sell him his business and earn so little, at least by the rental income. Clearly, Stavros rejects the suggestion of the Asians. It can not, must be discerned in it rather a nasty comment of the director of the dire situation in his homeland.

If there is found at the film’s basic premise to be false, then that one part pity, because one would have wished these dumb fools still having to live with this apparent disgrace. On the other hand, it is hoped to have These gentlemen hopefully learned their lesson. Where we do not regard should be too sure.

Whether the film will start in the current Saab back at the 31st Max Ophüls Prize to be seen in German cinemas, is not yet established. In Greece should Akadimia Platonos solely because of his accurate description of the Greek society and its faults really are a must in the cinemas. Before too much glee on the plain knitted prejudices of racists from next door but one should beware — this country is everywhere encounters similar Tumbes nonsense and ignores the realities here in Greece.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Akadimia Platonos Original Title: , Plato’s Academy Country of production: , Germany, Greece Year of production: 2009 Length: (# ) 103 (Min)

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