Adoration – Cannes 2008

Adoration - Cannes 2008

Adoration – Cannes 2008

  After a short excursion into the vicinity of the mainstream with Where The Truth Lies (2006), presented the most prestigious Representation of the independent Canadian film Adoration Atom Egoyan, with his new film in competition at the Cannes Festival.

Adoration tells the story of the teenager Simon (Devon Bostick) who was inspired by his teacher, provides an essay on the Web, in which he asserted his Arab father when his mother was pregnant with him and wanted to travel to Israel , a bomb hidden in the trunk of his wife. Fortunately, the bomb was discovered and no one injured. The Web publishing unleashed a flood of responses, hate, compassion, lack of understanding that government can do little or Simon process. But Egoyan would not Egoyan, where he was in his film only would limit the impact of the World Wide Web. Adoration is also a complex Coming Of Age Story, interweaves the themes such as religion and cultural identity in the structure of their plots.

At Nana says AT Rebhan, “Egoyan was especially skilled to engage the viewer deeper and deeper into his complex history. Although he solves the riddle of history more and more whilst raising too many questions to stimulate thinking.” Michael Althen of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, however, can be gained from the film only slightly and looked at him as a “confusing narrative sterile game of guilt and forgiveness.” Also, Lars-Olav Beier divides this opinion. The narrative style was “terribly twisted” and eventually led to the fact that “one with all of Egoyan’s dramatic history is richly flavored harassment affected.” Bernd Teichmann shows, however just impressed by the complexity of the film on “Egoyan once again proves himself as an accomplished stylist: He comes to us not simply linear, but puts his complex plot, like a Rubik’s cube on.” The international press also shares this view, such as Justin Chang of Variety, the adoration as a “fascinating mess,” describes the shine in Egoyan with “provocative idea.” Howard Feinstein of Screen Daily, the elegance of praise, changes with the Egoyan between its various subplots, but the story was ultimately “too thin, unnecessarily complicated and cryptic.”


Title: Adoration – Cannes 2008 Country of production: Canada Year of production: 2007 Length: 100 (Min)

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