Absolute Evil

Absolute Evil

Absolute Evil

  John Waters once said there are good bad taste and bad bad taste. Ulli Lommel proving himself with his new film Absolute Evil as a master of the second category.

Lommel started his career as an actor in Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the gall to introduce Absolute Evil with a prologue on shuffle mode. To the amazement of the audience the prologue refers to the year 1969, the year in which Fassbinder Love Is Colder Than Todfür furore at the Berlinale. Purpose of this scheme was so confused the audience was told to show that Lommel film represents the antithesis of Fassbinder. The resulting stirred expectations to be met, was the main movie obviously difficult. Absolute Evil really excited only laughter and a rarely seen mass exodus of the audience.

The movie is about a young woman named Savannah (Carolyn Neff), the child must be seen as the violent death of her father with a youthful gait. Completely traumatized years later, she tries to kill himself and is rescued by a mysterious stranger. She falls in love with the savior and they both go back to the place of her childhood in Texas to Savannah to provide their trauma. Once there she learns that her new Prince Charming is the murderer of her father.

If you can follow the story yet, even if Lommel tried everything from crude cuts, flashbacks and difficult almost impossible to discern a completely convoluted time structure of the traceability. But then he mixes with a police officer to take justice into their own hands rather, a lawyer who can be tortured in his spare time in a leather jacket and criminal acts as unmotivated Absolutely narrator and an old, disabled gang leader, played by David Carradine, Savannah wants to for whatever reason at the collar.

In addition to David Carradine, there are no actors in this film. At most a bit player, which can be surpassed by any third-rate telenovela actors. All the women seem to have got their roles only because of their secondary sex characteristics, male performers has been probably recruited by the principle “What was shipping. The question remains, which were forced to play with David Carradine? As bad as the actors are also the dialogues. A wave of laughter echoed through the hall talking when two gangsters on the morality of their actions with the following dialogue: “When you are fighting evil with evil, not evil … then ?”

Absolute Evil is nothing expected for spectators, have a reasonably good film. Lommel with this film an entirely imbecile and poorly made imitation versions of old Humphrey Bogart movies a la The Big Sleep created that fails grandiose in every category and even bad is to apply to as trash.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: Absolute Evil Country of production: Germany, USA Year of production: 2008 Length: 80 (Min)

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