A summer in New York – The Visitor

A summer in New York - The Visitor

A summer in New York – The Visitor

               Genre: Drama
               New York, apartment, musicians, immigrants, Professor, street vendors

drums for a new life

  Music as an emotional lubricant. This premise has already attacked countless films such as The Journey of China’s drummer, or How in heaven. Those who staged the convergence problem of loaded people through instrumental or vocal performances goes on thin ice. For fall for the danger to simple solutions to conflicts and false sentimentality is extremely high. Thomas McCarthy, known as a supporting actor in Hollywood Productions (Syriana, 2012) escapes with his moving drama One Summer in New York – The Visitor, thanks to an excellent performer and a smart screenplay skillfully from this stereotype trap.

Walter Vale (Richard Jenkins), an aging professor of economics has for his wife’s death an apparent existence. Ekes In a large house in Connecticut, he shielded from the outside world, a sad, uneventful existence, which is relieved only by occasional piano lessons. Much to Walter’s chagrin asks him to be dean of New York to give a lecture. When his spirits were not already on the freezing point, he finds in his second home as a complete surprise, the Senegalese Zainab (Danai Gurira) and her friend, the Syrian Tarek (Haaz Sleiman) before. The two assert that they are a real estate swindler would have gone into the trap and never would have guessed that would include the apartment Walter. Walter believes the honest-looking young couple and takes them with him until further notice. And even more so. The introverted professor in itself can be quickly infected by Tarek carefree joie de vivre and almost forget the real reason for his New York visit. Especially Tarek bongo drum passion it has done to Walter. The music lovers even agrees to jam with Tarek and his friends in Central Park. But suddenly, the Syrians arrested in the subway and detained as illegal and potentially dangerous aliens into custody. Together with Tarek short of visiting her mother Mouna (Hiam Abbass), Walter is doing everything it freeing to him.

What looks at first glance like a sweet and understanding among peoples implausible story falls into the understated staging of Thomas McCarthy to an insistent A plea for more tolerance and compassion. His empathy for the difficult life of an outsider, he has already proved his directorial debut The Station Agent, a multi-layered drama about a dwarf-laconic train lovers. McCarthy can also succeed in its work a summer in New York – The Visitor pleasant to spend a lot of time to be closer to his multi-faceted protagonist to the audience. In unanimously selected picture motifs he shows Walter as a broken man, like a zombie shuffling through his spooky-looking house museum. Mentally, he has already finished with his life, commitment to a cause, no matter how insignificant the surly loner completely alien. It was only lit the surprising confrontation with his life totally alien world of Zainab and Tarek in him a new fire.

The creeping transformation of Walter Richard Jenkins outlined with breathtaking subtlety, and a naive charm that infects not only his playing partner. The Six Feet Under -series actors shall respect the role of his life on every little gesture and linguistic finesse to its inward-looking character, painstakingly accurate to label. The slow breaking up of his prejudices, his growing passion for drum and his commitment to the imprisoned Tarek never work attached or covered. His largely unknown co-stars are the Oscar-nominated performance by Jenkins, but in nothing. Their love of freedom and simultaneous fear of a possible arrest in an America which is after 11 September has always felt to be completely changed. McCarthy ever handled in his film subliminally accusing the Arab-hostile atmosphere in the post 9/11-Ära with the greatest possible sensitivity. By unacceptable conditions of detention, the authorities and despair of a great perplexity, he says, especially in the second part of a summer in New York – The Visitor. These cold industrial succeed pictures that one away inhospitable, desolate New York City to show the tourist attractions.

With the introduction of Tarek’s mother Mouna McCarthy otherwise threaten so light and coherent drama narrated briefly pulled off its track. For the delicate romance hinted at by Walter and Mouna only distracts from the real problems and possible deportation for Tarek is in its torrid pace of the otherwise thoughtful character develops. Before a multicultural kitschification threatens to tear off McCarthy’s directorial helm fortunately, and staged a touching-part conclusion, you will not forget.

(Florian Koch)

Title: A summer in New York – The Visitor Original Title: The Visitor Country of production: USA Year of production: 2007 Length: 108 (Min) of material: Panda Storm / Central Film

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