A Snake Of June – A Snake of June

A Snake Of June - A Snake of June

A Snake Of June – A Snake in June

  Rinko (Asuka Kurosawa) and Shigehiko (Yuji Kotari) are a perfectly normal Japanese couple who performs a little exciting, supercooled relationship. Pleasant in a typical middle class life they live side by side and know nothing of the other, boredom, and cooling uneventfulness characterize their daily lives.

, But Rinko, who works as a phone chaplain for mentally unstable people, is full of repressed wishes and desires, which is only clandestinely and to live alone can. Apparently it is observed here by a former patient, who photographed her masturbation fantasies. Increasingly, envelopes are included with Rinko, each bearing the words that they should hide the contents would be better in front of her husband, a successful businessman. But what Rinko even more disturbing than the images themselves, are the demands made by the foreign Voyeur them to get back to the negatives: you will realize their desires and fantasies into reality.

Her husband is being harassed by rinkos tormentors, he is led by him to a mysterious club where he has to see with startling. But the secret desires to conceal the Rinko and Shigehiko each other and they will be increasingly alien, also accused that the two only have one last chance: you must converge back together.

The director Shinya Tsukamoto is not deny its origins in the industrial-experimental film, his film-Tetsuo The Iron Man (1989) is a classic of the cyberpunk movement and enthusiastic festival-goers around the globe. And even with its relatively conventional films, Tokyo Fist (1995) and Soseiji – Gemini (1999) Tsukamoto is a tremendous visual language beyond all conventions. So here, too: His pictures are cool, stylized, enchantingly beautiful and appears almost graphically. The blue-tinted black and white images of A Snake of June, the settings can be cold, emotionless, sometimes seem almost surreal and Kafkaesque, the occasional jump cuts rhythm to the film strongly and attract viewers – at least those who prefer a more experimental visual language – involuntary under her spell. An unusual masterpiece.

Title: A Snake Of June – A Snake in June Country of production: , Japan Year of production: 2002 Length: 77 min ( min) of material: Rapid Eye Movies

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