A Single Man

A Single Man

A Single Man

               Genre: literature
               Homosexuality, girlfriend, loss, grief, professor, Venice 2009

in pain and beauty captured

  A day in the life of George Falconer (Colin Firth): The originating from Great Britain and the United States living literature professor has decided to put an end to his life. The reason for his decision is the accidental death of his longtime lover Jim (Matthew Goode), the George can not get over easily. But then everything else will ever happen again, and the incidents that have yet to grant a reprieve or derail the project – it’s a roller coaster ride between Mourning by life and re-budding hope that they might yet find a reference point, an anchor in life and cope with the spiral of death. For Falconer, which is perceived is not (by its very nature a loner above) of the German title of the novel by Christopher Isherwood, on which the movie is loosely based, but he has become by the loss of his partner to what he now – is a prisoner of his pain. Against this spiral is also his good friend Charlotte (Julianne Moore) does not at any more than the young and obviously fascinated student of Professor Kenny (Nicholas Hoult), who always looks Falconers nearby. In the end, but everything takes a very different outcome than one might suspect this first.

In the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st Century was the American Tom Ford as one of the most influential fashion designers in general. Miraculously allowed the Texans, lying on the ground, the fashion house Gucci modernized from the ground up and build one of the most profitable fashion companies in general. In 2000, the takeover of the label by Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent. 2003 then took his hat Ford at Gucci, to build up his own fashion label Tom Ford. But his dream was to have been trying for many years, even as a film director to. With A Single Man is this dream become a reality. And it seems, appear that the persistence that has followed his dream of Tom Ford over the years paid off. For him and for the spectators.

Like a dream, like a hovering between life and death, wakefulness and sleep, does this film: grief and pain rarely looked so good, have rarely been so exquisite set the scene . However, this was quite expected from a recognized fashion designers like Tom Ford, whose handwriting here especially in the love of decoration and detail is felt, for perfectly fitting suits and elegant robes. That the film is still not only looks good but also intrigued, less to the rather simple narrative style, which through numerous flashbacks and a rather simple Farbdramaturgie merrily between past and present, between real events and memories goes back and forth.

In addition to the undeniable charm of the perfect aesthetic that risk, particularly at the beginning of the film by the very voluptuous music by Abel Korzeniowski almost tipping into kitsch, has the film primarily a center that crashed into the sticky-sweet prevent: Colin Firth, who here can finally show once again that he is more than the eternal Mr. Darcy from Bridget Jones), the BBC series Pride and Prejudice (#. Tom Ford leaves the actors plenty of room and lingers for example, during that scene, Falconer receives the call with the news of his friend Unfallltodes for minutes on the face of his lead actor who knows how to exploit these freedoms for the benefit of the film. As a reward for exceptional performance representational Firth has already received in Venice Volpi Cup for best lead actor and is also at the Academy Awards as a promising candidate for an Oscar. In any case, he carries this film, melancholy dream-and ensure that alongside the show also values the emotional content of the story of a farewell from life and a love that is greater than death, is not too short. A film for hopeless romantics.
(Joachim Kurz)

Title: A Single Man Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 99 (Min) of material: Senator Film Distribution

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