A Serious Man

A Serious Man
               Genre: Comedy
  In its last strip Burn after Reading, the Coen brothers, a dubious CD-Rom used to bring the branching story in motion. In its latest joint plant A Serious Man, it’s a Walkman confiscated, at least raises the voltage of the sideshow.

The story takes place in an American suburb in the late sixties who is just as anonymous as the ensemble cast of top-class that the Coens are up for. Just as the idiosyncratic view of history that is especially true for enjoyment, when exposed frame the contrasts and similarities in bulk Done from the outset at poetic.

How good that the 13 year old Danny Gopnik (Aaron Wolff) thanks to his walkman corrosive Hebrew lessons with “Somebody to Love” is secretly behind his open book drown. Until the orthodox teacher caught him here, and the high-tech device uses it, the camera remains comically revealing in the context of dudelnden from the ear music. Then, a meaningful key section follows the ear of the hypochondriacal, depressed father, Larry (Michael Stuhlbarg). The doctor can not find anything in his shell back and dismiss the professor in his university life and the desperate life crisis. After a grueling seminar has little to say later, the Korean student, Clive (David Kang) in his office. He asks Larry for a better grade, so he keeps his scholarship and not fall through. But Larry, who is shortly before his tenure, does not address the desire of this oddity. “Actions always have consequences,” Larry replied the dejected students almost sober philosophical.

“Yes, sir … most” replied Clive dry and leaves an envelope with money on his desk silently before leaving the room and we do not know whether he now run amok, or are just takes your life. Larry is at a loss. And then to him in a painfully long interview with the head of the Faculty subtly hinted that he will not have to worry about the lifetime tenure. No, not really. Or do you?

After his heinous and homeless brother, an unrecognized genius, has now nestled on the couch for hours, empties the sebaceous and Larry’s daughter so cunningly blocked the bathroom loses Larry so slowly the final nerves. And then goes even his ill-tempered wife, Judith (Sari Lennick) a divorce in order to elope with her new lover, the Wichtigteuer and nuisance Sy. Judith does Larry still seriously the proposal to move into the local motel “Jolly Roger”. Larry is at the end. The only bright spot remains furtive glances from the roof into the adjoining garden, where the fries are liberally neighbor in the sun. His son, Danny, meanwhile breaks during his devout teachers to reclaim the pocketed Walkman.

All these actions have delicious then further consequences. Mostly. And, although this is mostly because of its daring unpredictability incredibly funny: When reaching denunciatory anonymous letters, the university management, seems to transfer the desired tilt. Everything points to the Koreans.

The visit to the rabbi, from which Larry had hoped for salvation turns out to be a flop, because it is represented – in spite of apparent inaction – of an incompetent junior rabbi. In the meantime switched divorce lawyer costs a fortune, a car accident caused by him hugged Larry on more and costs a fortune to the new husband of his ex-wife’s life, whose funeral expenses, he also intended to take over yet. And in this already horrible existence Larry dreams into nightmares, further, the wonderful blend with what’s happening, because they appear merely as a digression within an already furious dream.

A Serious Man is created in addition to this search for meaning and a normal life of a man came to tell the same time a dignified study of the absurdity of Judaism, without nerves, without ostensibly making fun of himself. On the contrary, one could say: The film takes its characters and its extremely seriously, so you’re quickly inclined to go out beyond the fiction of course, quite real, by the () the existence of these figures. An excellent character witness for credibility, but it is based, that the faces of one and all, are rather unknown.

The ever appreciable persistence of storytelling, which consistently sustained will to style, the sometimes nasty tone to create and leave behind the unforgettable moments thoughtfulness and the comic, which one gets to see in a form so pure and brilliant, unfortunately, rare. The latest blow to the Coens is a real hit – I’m serious.

(Malte Can)

Title: A Serious Man Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 of material: Tobis Film Distribution

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