A prophet

A prophet

The Prophet

               Genre: Drama, Thriller
               Prison, drugs, jail, criminal, Cannes 2009, Organized Crime

The prison as a school of life

Papillon, Escape from Alcatraz, The Shawshank Redemption – the list is long prison film classics. In order to give new impetus to the genre needed was a directorial approach that current outbreak and sent to jail everyday clichés circumnavigated. The radical French director Jacques Audiard A prophet succeeds with the sprinkling of any prison movie convention, as he turned over on her “I’s becoming” concentrated its main character. For his Ausnahmeepos he won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes and an Oscar nomination for best foreign film.

Malik El Djebenas (Tahar Rahim) life seems to end before it has even begun. The 19-year-old loner is the home for half-Corsican, and half-Arabs. Really feel a part of the illiterate, but to any ethnic group. After a confrontation with a policeman, he was sentenced to six years in prison. Hardly had he arrived in prison he must determine that there predominates a world with its own rules. At the beginning Malik tries to stay out of all conflicts, neither with the mighty Corsican group, is under the leadership of the aging prison godfather Cesar Luciano (Niels Arestrup), as well as engage with the Arabs. But Malik’s self-imposed neutrality becomes untenable, César than submit to him a deadly job. Malik is on the inmates Reyeb (Hichem Yacoubi) to build a relationship of trust – only to cut him at the end of the throat. For the “Thanks” explains Cesar ready to Malik under his protection. An election is a desperate boy did not, because he would reject the contract killing, César’s followers threaten to kill him.

As Malik, the horrible murder committed his life changes abruptly. He lands in a new cell with a television and other amenities. Although Malik may also participate in the conversations of César and his gang, he is her slave, who meet by running errands and cleaning services to all services that become César him plotting. To break away from his underdog status, Malik decides to go to night school to prison. There he meets the bright Arabs Ryad (you know Adel Bencherif), who provides a perspective for the future as a car mechanic in sight. But Malik does not have quite different plans. On behalf of Jordi (Reda Kateb), a shady dealer, he wants to carry on his outings organized by César drug stores in a big way – without that, the Corsican Mafia boss gets wind of it. To be a tricky plan, which requires the assistance of the newly released Ryad.

Denotes Audiard Gefängnisepos happy as a kind of “anti-Scarface” and basically he strikes with the nucleus of an prophet. The director tells the powerful drama The Beat That My Heart is also a gripping story with an upwardly criminal character in the center, which deals with drug profits, violence, and working ability to adapt to the top. The big difference to Brian de Pamas cult film, however, consists in drawing the main character. Malik is not a crazed Waffenfetischist, which is his way as Tony Montana freischießt times as well. Rather, Malik is a man without a past (never shown Audiard scenes) before his arrest and without special properties. He works in the jail as a 19-year anniversary baby that is brought up only by the harsh prison life. Running brings him here to be more stringent surrogate father César. My money is minted power shifts completely consistent, which is located alongside the excellent dialogues, especially on the brilliant actors.

Tahar Rahim, previously noticed at best as a TV actor, showing a surprisingly nuanced performance as Malik, with the European Film Awards were honored. Especially in the scene when he is committing his first murder, is Rahim’s great acting talent to bear. The flickering eyes, the fear of failure, the bloody game with a razor blade in his mouth, the pain is so sympathetic doomed before him have – all these sensations Rahim brings so believable and intensely expressed that it takes your breath away. Niels Arestrup as a cynical father figure is doing so in every way. The hatred of the Arabs, the aura of unimpeachable sponsors prison, but also the underlying fear of losing power and never let the cell walls behind them may be him who is already in The Beat That My Heart with Audiard successfully collaborated, written in his face.

Although the ratio of these prisoners is the focus of a prophet, Audiard nevertheless succeeds with a few strokes of his minor characters memorably labeled. The excellent leadership of Acting Audiard corresponds with the technical implementation of the story. The understated soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat, the precise cutting, and especially the fever-unleashed hand-held camera by Stéphane Fontaine, provide an extremely dense atmosphere, one can hardly resist.

In addition to telling a complex, coherent to the last detail history that escapes every prison cliche case particularly impressed Audiard drawing of the North African characters. Quite in contrast to the unspeakably racist-Luc Besson production Action From Paris With Love, which almost simultaneously on 25 Start of March in the German cinema is among the Arabs in a prophet not a simple knitted terrorists or dumb club. Your outcasts in French society, the lack of acceptance of their religion, but also the cultural pressure to be found in closed community A prophet finally a cinematically sophisticated place. Especially Malik, his transformation from hopeless “Nothing goes to cultured traders here is impressively fluent in focus, he stands between the lines and tries to both the Arabs and to gain respect among the Corsicans.

All in all, Audiard has succeeded with a prophet a gripping gangster, which addresses many social problems, and simple generalizations are consistently denied. Had the director of a mystical elevation – the murdered Reyeb appears repeatedly as a commentary on the spirit – waived his prison film would have set new standards in its flawless realism for the genre.

(Florian Koch)

Title: The Prophet Original Title: prophète Un Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: 155 (min) of material: Pictures Releasing Sony

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