A l’origine

A lorigine
               Genre: Drama, Comedy
  Life often requires the strangest stories. In his new film A l’origine director Xavier Giannoli (Chanson d’Amour takes just) to a true and yet incredible event and turns it into a set with stars such as Francois Cluzet and Gérard Depardieu comedy.

Chance of landing just released from jail fraudster Paul (Francois Cluzet) in a small town in northern France. The small town in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais is struggling with high unemployment, which has worsened still further since then rest, work on a nearby highway construction site. Paul, whose scam is not the sale of existing machinery, are located in the local hotel as employees of the Bauriesen CGI. As the wind speaks about his presence in the city, because for the residents, there is only one explanation for their presence: The construction of the highway will continue soon! Paul is flooded with offers of willing contractors who offer him 15% of its future revenues as the “Commission” when they are taken into account in awarding contracts. So Paul decides to continue the construction of the highway and soon booming again on the site.

For The World , Hanns-Georg Rodek writes: “This – based on true events – history really sounds like a cute little British film comedy. Because she is from France, it is more bittersweet than cute and a lot of reports of self-exploitation and blind hope for those at the top. ” In the UK Telegraph Sukhdev Sandhu’s verdict: “A study of French employer-employee relations … which shows what a sea of lies, Western economies are built.” If Variety writes Boyd van Hoeij: “… the film is a successful blend of social criticism, character studies and criminals.” Only Mike Goodridge ( screen ) can not for A l’origine enthusiastic: “The film will be strengthened by the extremely long period of 155 minutes, which diluted the story rather than its explanatory power to ruin.”

Title: A l’origine Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: 155 (Min)

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