A life long shorts wear

A life long shorts wear

A lifetime wear short pants

  How summarizes the incomprehensible into images? Sexual murders of children are certainly something of the most horrible thing there is in this world. And the news about pedophile atrocities do not stop. But how can we banish these scare into images that speak of him without sensationalistic, voyeuristic, or be preachy? One of the cases that shook Germany most of all was undoubtedly the case of the butcher’s assistant in the Ruhr Jürgen Bartsch, who from 1962 to 1966 four teenage boys abused kidnapped and killed. In his first act he was just 15 years old, when he was arrested 19 – a devil in human form, like the newspapers said a young beast.

, Based (on the book by American journalist Paul Moor #) Jürgen Bartsch: victims and perpetrators – The self is a child murderer in a letter of the filmmakers Kai S. Pieck one on the letters and notes Bartsch based video monologue designed to enlighten a lot, but no excuses. Bartsch “confession” during a therapy session in 1972 in the state mental hospital Eickelborn in which the child-murderer had been admitted, provided the framework for the journey into the soul of a murderer. Punctuated by reminders that those that are staged flashbacks with a detailed insight into the development of the “Beast of Langenberg” – as the press at that time – that unfolds Pieck childhood Bartsch, was characterized by the perfect relationship with his wayward frighteningly normal, and average parents, which were cold, hostile and cruel, of his being an outsider and by the rigid morality of the boarding school where homosexuality was located just behind murder, but nevertheless the father abused his pupils.
The great strength of the film is mainly in the absence of any comment, so viewers have to make their own judgments about Jurgen Bartsch. The skillful use and installation of various levels of narration, the interweaving of theatrical episodes and documentaries, and especially the actor Sebastian and Tobias Schenke Urzendowsky make this film a very unique insight into the soul of a murderer.

Title: A lifetime wear short pants Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2002 Length: Min 82 () (# ) Distribution: Salzgeber

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