32A – It’s a Girl Thing

32A - Its a Girl Thing

32A – It `sa Girl Thing

  Dublin, 1979: Thirteen-Maeve and her friends are looking after the first great love, the right bra size, and not least for his own identity, which must be between childhood and adulthood to develop. Marian Quinn has turned her directorial debut with a delightful coming-of-age comedy, capturing the lightly the concerns and needs of teenagers.

32A The title is not immediately and right away, because this is It was the English one of the smallest unit of measure for bras, the DOB has it on the market. The German translation would probably 75 A hot and is symbolic of the “starter kit” of adolescent teenager. The time thirteen to fifteen, where girls make their first experiences in love and sometimes taste of alcohol and drugs, are influenced by adults and pesky little brothers and sisters, from boring school lessons and the anxious question whether the boy from the tenth grade the next boyfriend or maybe it is just the first broken heart. With all these problems are also faced Maeve Brennan (Ailish McCarthy) and her three best friends Claire Fox (Riona Smith), Ruth Murray (Sophie Jo Wasson) and Orla Kennedy (Orla Long). The object of desire is not only the first own bra, which symbolizes the awakening into the adult world, but Brian (Shane McDaid), as a smart Womanizer breaks the hearts of girls in rows. Of course the by Maeve, to exchange with him in a playful, yet sensual way their first kiss to be equal to rely on him for an adult woman. The average duration of relationships is thus reduced to Maeve for a few hours, and the heartbreak is inevitable. But not only Maeve has her concerns, but also their friends, who are beginning to open toward women. Whether it’s Claire that is consistent with her feminist attitude quite alone and differentiating itself from the rest of the clique of girls, with a seamless bra Trageverbot or Ruth, who is scheduled to meet after years of absence for the first time with her biological father, it combines the girls difficult period of adolescence, which they often worked together – sometimes against each other but also to master -.

Marian Quinn, sister of Aidan Quinn, who holds in the coming-of-age comedy, the role of Maeve’s father, even as an actress before she 32A – It’s A Girl Thing handed in her feature film debut as a director. Even born in 1964 is their teenage years, although a few years back, but with a loving gaze and pleasing little precocious manner she has filmed a lively comedy about the difficult period of adolescence. Although the film speaks mostly of girls and women will find themselves there without major problems, but also boys and men will get their money here. For in spite of the special problems of girls BH & Co, the film lives mainly through the lively humor, gender and across the generations. The consistent presentation from the perspective of a teenager – and not from the parents’ perspective – gives an intense portrait of an intense period. Whether alcohol intoxication, Reefer Madness, or annoying faculty, whether friends quarrel, flirting or annoying household chores, so all issues are addressed, so shall a young life upside down. The backdrop of Dublin, was filmed in low depth, as cinematographer PJ Dillon was faced with the problems that today’s Dublin, in contrast to the 1979 has a variety of colors. In order to disguise it were, the background shots taken in a much blur that makes not only the city seem timeless, but also the whole dreamy and playful touch there. 32A – It’s A Girl Thing is a great, amusing and turbulent comedy, a journey into the past and an ode to the teenage years, for which Marian Quinn won the Tiernan McBride Screenplay Award, and in 2007 named best first film at the Galway Film Festival . was

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: 32A – It `sa Girl Thing Country of production: Germany, Ireland Length: 89 (Min) of material: Fugu film

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