A History Of Violence – Cannes 2005

A History Of Violence - Cannes 2005

A History Of Violence – Cannes 2005

  Somehow you have to feel uncomfortable as an American visitor to the Cannes Film Festival, since a last for the inadequacies of their own society are rubbed under their noses. Two posts yesterday to contribute to the “America bashing”, a competitive category that Michael Moore last year with his documentary, and Golden Palm winner Fahrenheit 9 / 11 and also introduced to a head. As one part dissected by Lars von Trier Manderlay, dismantled the American self-conception of democracy and the Canadian director David Cronenberg, A History Of Violence, with the dream of American idyll into its individual components. But too bad it’ll be have not already, but steal George Lucas Star Wars U.S. production on the same evening all the show. Sure balm for wounded American souls.

To heal But back to A History Of Violence, David Cronenberg’s relentless and extremely exciting look at the abyss behind the American suburban world. We are in the sticks in Indiana. Here, the world still seems okay. Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) lives with his wife, Eddie (Maria Bello) and his two children, a seemingly undamaged family life. Tom Stall seems to be a man who could not hurt a fly hair. When, however, two crooks his little diner, which he has attacked and threatened his employees, he does this Räuberduo coolly and quickly in the style of an action hero. Tom is only for local and then national celebrity. But the fame quickly developed its downsides. Soon sinister figures turn up at Tom, who claim that behind the facade of Biedermann’s really put a killer who try to leave his bloody past behind them. In Tom’s wife germinate the first doubts and soon the entire family is caught in a maelstrom of violence that threatens to destroy the provincial idyll. Who is Tom Stall really? Biedermann or villain?

David Cronenberg expressed after his last film, Spider, now that he finally wanted to make a film in which he was paid for his work. He succeeded in doing with A History Of Violence, with certainty, which is a great success with the public desired. On the one hand, the film has depth and it offers enough entertainment to appeal to a wider audience than the earlier films by the director. Cronenberg is dedicated to re on a plane of the film one of his favorite themes, that of identity and creates it, as he blithely uses in many genres lend despite the serious underlying debate on the issue, his film, a high entertainment value. Certainly not a film that can go out on the Palme d’Or hope that remains calibers as Caché from Michael Haneke left, but very good entertainment in the best sense.

Title: , A History Of Violence – Cannes 2005 Country of production: USA Year of production: 2004 Length: 96 (min) ( #)

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