A Hard Day’s Night – TV-Tip of the Week

A Hard Days Night - TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Comedy, Music Film
  The phenomenon, which emerged in the early 1960s and is commonly referred to as “Beatlemania” is in A Hard Day’s Night by Richard Lester’s film rainfall. This musical satire of 1964 presents the legendary British mushroom caps in the tension between appearance and escape from the euphoric fans, who got out of hand take up the pursuit of the Beatles, where they emerge again as well.

The daily life of the four Liverpool Musician John (John Lennon), Paul (Paul McCartney), George (George Harrison) and Ringo (Ringo Starr) is not simple: On the way into the television studio where the popular band will appear in a live show, they succeed and their Manager Norm (Norman Rossington), once again, only with great difficulty and almost desperate ingenuity to escape from their lurking everywhere, frantic supporters.

With Paul’s grandfather (Wilfrid Brambell), to look after the grandson of the tortured, they have a resourceful rascal with you, that omits no opportunity to hit out of the fame of the musicians personally capital. The old gentleman also subversively undermines the morale of the band structure, as he suggests to the sensitive drummer Ringo, he was the underdog in any case only the four and had to look for a suitable wife urgently – preferably immediately.

As Ringo now briefly before the scheduled appearance is not to be found to break the other three on track to meet their friend again, with the pressing time, and their fans in the neck. But Ringo, meanwhile, wanders aimlessly through the streets of London and his eccentric behavior offend is arrested for vagrancy by the police. Now we have to move the drummer in the fastest way to return to the studio, where the raging crowd waits …

The first staged in black and white in the style of a musical road movie film of the Beatles, with some documentary footage comes from the boiling time, at that time was an explosive innovation: The fast-paced, dynamic musical interludes laced workmanship within a vague framework for action at that time was already anticipating the development of music videos that are later as an indispensable element in the mainstream scene.

A Hard Day’s Night “was nominated in the categories of Best Music and Best Screenplay for an Oscar, and the satirical film about the cult of stardom and the (supposedly) hard life of a band is still worth seeing, he transported But in a cheerful manner, the crazy lifestyle of the 1960s, around the rock and roll that is simultaneously satirized wonderfully refreshing and remarkably self-referential.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: A Hard Day’s Night – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 1964 Length: 85 (min) ISBN: 4006680024493

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