A film Unfinished

A film Unfinished

-A film Unfinished

               Genre: Documentary
               World War II, Holocaust, Propaganda, Warsaw Ghetto, Berlinale 2010

Wolverine Ghetto Film

  1942nd Two months before the forcible eviction of the Warsaw ghetto by the Nazis, the Propaganda Department sent a film crew to take pictures. The shooting last a few weeks and the six rolls of film will be sent after work to Berlin follow-up. What happens next is unclear. Somehow the roles of land after the war in a DDRArchiv. There they will be later rediscovered and used as documentary photographs in museums and schools. What does the material and the history of film work, shows the documentation Shtikat Haarchion – A film Unfinished. There is also the history of film images that have one part documentary value, on the other, but never before hinüberprüft their propagandistic content and its staging was.

The film crew should then take pictures of the ghetto, later as a propaganda film in should run the cinemas. The goal was the morbid and evil Jewish character to portray, were certified by the Nazis, these people. How then can one understand film images that were filmed with such an order as a documentary? Where is the line between production and truth? These questions go to the movie about the film. Careful in their documentation Yael Hersonski separates fact from fiction. Survivors of the ghetto, you can look to verify the material and which parts were true and made some. And even the dead from Warsaw to speak. Using numerous recordings of ghetto residents who worked with the premonition of death, everything is still so little documented in her life, slowly a picture of the circumstances of the film. Many sequences, it turns out, had been rehearsed over and over again. It should, then the propaganda ministry, to show the difference between the rich Jews, who even in the ghetto to live in clover, and the poorer, who perish in the eyes of many citizens. So officers were Jews under the threat of violence to come into a restaurant in which even had to invent the reasonably well-fed happy evenings with meat and wine.

In addition to all this, the film also captured the actual suffering. Yael Hersonski regarded primarily as the background of the film images, the little scraps of reality, are behind the productions. Together with the audience she is working through all six rolls of film and dissected in a mixture of historical reclamation and film analysis in detail. She makes up even to a seventh part, consisting only of film residues and can clearly demonstrate how images were shot repeatedly and over again from different angles. It manages to still another small coup: in some, the filmmakers have to see for themselves, which therefore may be involuntarily even a good documentary and no longer can hide behind the camera.

The intensive study of the film material is hard work for the viewer. They want to actually not look so well when emaciated children running through the picture, and pile up the corpses on the street. But that’s what makes the film not. It forces the view of the so willingly ignored detail.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: -A film Unfinished Original Title: Shtikat Haarchion Country of production: , Germany, Israel Year of production: 2010 Length: ( #) 89 (Min)

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