A Family

A Family

A Family

               Genre: Drama
               Death, cancer, family relationship, pregnancy, Berlinale 2010, Bakery

A quite normal family tragedy

  Even if the initial bit irritated – in fact it is logical that a film about a family with a pedigree of them starts. The Rheinwald, whose fate Pernille Fischer Christensen says in her film En family / A family descended from German immigrants, and have a long way. From generation to generation, they have evolved and now have a well-known bakery in Copenhagen, which can even be adorned with the title of a royal purveyor to the court. In Denmark, this is a real distinction.

Even when everything started easy, cheerful and carefree appear on the Rheinwald the shadow hovers change. The eldest daughter, Ditte, which has a small gallery in Copenhagen, will receive a job offer from New York and shortly thereafter discovered that she is pregnant by her boyfriend. Only: Both together will not do, so that has to decide the young couple. For or against the child and for or against New York. And hardly the decision was made, everything changed again: In Dittes father, who was just after a chemotherapy recovers fully appeared, three brain tumors are detected, all of which are inoperable. But what will happen next, with the family? As with the two children from his first marriage and with the new relationship of the Father, who with his second wife, Sanne two children? And above all: Who will take over the company, which is the pride of the whole family?

En family is dignified art-house cinema, has certainly also what it takes to run soon on German screens. Certainly this was one of the better films in the Berlinale Competition, which this year seemed strangely lackluster. However, there are also Pernille Fischer Christensen’s film some criticisms that should not be overlooked. And, mainly relating to the selection and placement of film music. Straight line in the scene, as the just-deceased father dressed by a nurse and his second daughter who works there, plenty of pop song sounding out of place and uncomfortable emotionalizing. Would be the most poignant scene in the entire film, silence have been far more effective.

En Yet family is incredibly moving and sheds a telling light on a generation between self and establishment, which at the same time (with aging and thus inevitably with the death of their parents) must confront. That may now not necessarily the most important issue in the world, the reality of many viewers, the film is pretty damn close off. And it does – even in the face of the successful staging of the film and many low moments – just fantastic after a competition in which we learn not only the concerns and needs of Romanian prisoners, American housewives and Russian meteorological actually very little about us. Perhaps En family is not necessarily the best, most exciting and innovative films of the competition – but he is undoubtedly one of those films that have affected most.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: A Family Original Title: En family Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2010 Length: 100 (min)

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